What Made My Month (December 2017)

Hi guys! It’s 2018 and I am writing about the last month of 2017 right now. I was contemplating if I should still make this post because I was not sure if I want this format for this year but I was not able to plan anything about this blog or anything about my life for that matter. Lol! So push ko muna ito. I actually had this little panic attack on the last hour of 2017 because I realized that I have not prepared myself for the New Year. I did not have any New Year Goals whatsoever. Gustung-gusto kong matapos yung 2017 pero di pala ako prepared for 2018. Haha!

Anyway, let’s leave 2017 in a positive light by reflecting on the little good things that it brought in my life. Shall we?

1. Wonder the Movie

Have you guys read the book Wonder? If you did, I bet you already know the beauty of RJ Palacio’s story. And it was WONDERfully translated into the movie. I watched it with my sister who fell in love with the book as well. If you haven’t read the book or watched the movie I strongly recommend that you do. It is a heartwarming film and it tells such an important message. Especially if you have young kids or maybe younger siblings. It is a beautiful film. Perfect for families and young kids.

2. Work!

Hihi! I started with my new work (job?) last December 4 and it’s pretty cool. Ang dami kong hanash sa Twitter about my workmates. Haha. But yeah. So far, so good. I’m still a little lost sometimes but my workmates are pretty accommodating and they’ve been so patient with answering my questions.

3. Making New Friends

Since, I’m working far away from home now, I have to rent a place to stay and now I’m living with four other girls. Our schedules are kind of “taliwas” but there would be random days when we would be in the house together. But I actually haven’t met the newest one. She just moved in on the last week of December and she’s on the night shift so there’s really no chance of us seeing each other.

And hello to my new workmates. We are not friends-friends yet but still some of them are nice to me.

4. Keeping the Old Friends

My highschool and college and old work friends are so nice. They’ve been so supportive of me ever since and they sent me the warmest congratulations and wishes of luck when they found out about my new work.

I was also able to attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming of our High School Alma Mater and even though only 20-ish from our batch came it was still really nice to be able to catch up with them. I mean, I see the majority of those who attended on an almost weekly basis but there are a few who were not actually my classmates back then. So it was really nice. Even though we weren’t classmates before, we were able to actually TALK. It’s cute.

5. My Family

December is really a family kind of month for us. We have the Lubis Family Reunion on December 25th (my father’s side) and Bayani Family Reunion on December 31st (my mother’s side). It’s been going on for years and it is what I look most forward to every year.

6. New Paints

Yes! I bought myself a Winsor and Newton Cotman. It’s not much of an upgrade but it’s still an upgrade. It’s just sad because now that I have quality paints I can’t make time to paint naman. Hay nako si layf talaga. And speaking of that, I wouldn’t be having my Art Dump post for December. Sorry guys!

So this is really goodbye 2017! Cheers to a better 2018!

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