Granny, train ride with a pink lady and hitting a man in the face

I dreamt I was sitting in a car with a granny who was the one driving and she was telling me stories about her childhood. It was about kids doing gymnastics. I couldn’t remember the context but I remember that while she was telling the story, a film-like thingy was being played and it was playing the story she was telling me. It was even in black and white. You know the Shindler’s List film. It was like that. There was a guy swinging and dangling on gymnastics bar. I think that was the granny’s husband when he was young. And he was like a member of a circus or something. And weirdly, Ed Sheeran was a member of the circus group too. Haha. I didn’t saw him doing any gymnastics thingy though. Maybe he was behind the music or something.

Then we were on a tollway and as we were going to pay for the toll fee, I saw that she’s got a treasure chest full of 5-peso coins. And then the dream changed.

I was now on a train. In the dream I was Inoue Mao and I was with a girl in pink top and pink pants. At some point of the dream she was Camille Co but in most parts she was just a random blonde girl. And she had hairy chest. Her chest hairs were peeking out on the top of her shirt. It was summer so she really couldn’t cover up and besides she has long accepted the way her body looks like. She was meeting her long time text mate or something so she was very excited. I was outside the coffee shop were they met. But when I went in to check how they were doing I noticed that the guy was being a total asshole. And so I effing hit him right in the face.

And God, it felt so good!

Written in early hours of December 15.

10 thoughts on “Granny, train ride with a pink lady and hitting a man in the face”

    1. Actually hindi ko din alam. Haha. Basta dapat pagkagising ko maisulat ko yung main points nung dream. Ang dami pa ngang kulang dyan. Kasi habang tinatype ko sa notes ko yung dream, nakakalimutan ko na yung iba. Haha.


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