D. I. Y Pillowbox: Tutorial

Christmas season is really my favorite time of the year. All the blinking lights, all the merry music, all the bright colors, all the parties, all the family reunions, all the exchanging of gifts! Magastos sya na season pero I love it. I’m always, always excited with buying gifts for my monito/ monita. Also, being the artsy fartsy human being that I am, what excites me the most with gift giving is the gift wrapping part. Hee. I’m always extra when it comes to wrapping my gifts. I go crazy with choosing pretty gift wrappers and ribbons.

So, it’s kind of my sister’s Christmas tradition already to buy gifts for all our younger cousins and her endless number of godchildren. When I started working I started pitching in a little for the gifts. But this year, I wouldn’t be able to pitch in because I just started with my new work. So, to compensate with that, I decided to just help with wrapping the gifts my sister has bought.

So my sister bought some tubes of cheek tints for our dalaga and dalaginding cousins. And instead of wrapping them a la candy style which is the easier option, I decided to challenge myself and make some cute pillowboxes.

And this is how I made them.


  • Black Cartolina
  • Old CD
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Gel pens (preferably white and gold)
  • Poster paint (gold)
  • Brush


1. So, I measured and cut out a 13cm x 15cm rectangle from my black cartolina. Actually, you can use any kind of cardboard to your preference. I actually recommend that you use something thicker than cartolina so it would hold its shape better.

2. I fold the 130cm side of paper in half leaving 1cm excess on one side as a kind of flap so in effect, I actually folded the 120cm side of paper in half.

3. Next, I used an old CD to trace a semi circle on both ends of the cartolina which I then cut out. Again, you can use any other circle object like a plate to trace a semi circle on it.

4. I used the end of a bobby pin to score another semicircle to sort of make an eye-shape. You can use any pointed material to do this. This scored line will make a crease which is where you are going to fold it. Also, I made a little cut as a sort of finger hole so it would be easy to open up your pillowbox.

5. I attach the flap to the other edge of the paper to make a tube using double-sided tape but you can also use glue if you want (double-sided tape is just less messy for me). Then I folded the ends to the creases I made.

And tadaaaah. This is how it would look like. Easy-peasy!

5. Now onto the fun part, because my boxes were looking too plain, I decided to jazz them up. So, using white pen and gold paint, I started designing each boxes I made. I got some of the ideas from Pinterest.

The finished product!

To make it even more personalized, I used again the white pen to write our cousins names like so.

What do you guys think? Will you give it a try? I don’t know if I was able to explain it well but I swear it’s super easy to make. Hahaha!

Merry Christmas guys!

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