What Made My Month (November 2017)

We are onto our last four weeks in 2017. Like! What even! Am I the only one who feels like every year goes by faster than the last? Anyway, I’m betting I’m not the only one who is so ready for this year to end. It’s not the greatest of years, I must say. I’ve had better years and I want to believe I’ll have better years ahead.

But still, it won’t hurt to celebrate the good things in life no matter how small they are, right? So this is me celebrating life. Because no matter how shitty life sometimes could be, God still like to give us little nudges as if he wants to say that “Hey! I’m here! I’m always here and life isn’t all that shitty!”

So yeah guys. Let’s start our last month for year 2017 by appreciating the good things which have happened to us and the world. And here’s my take in that.

1. Flicker Album by Niall Horan

I like One Direction as a group and Niall and Louis were my bias before but I didn’t go full on fangirl on them. I liked them. I have always liked them. But I have to admit I got scared for the whole of them when 1D disbanded. And then they started going on their separate ways working on their own solo albums. I know they are all talented individually but can they do really do this? When “This Town” came out, I was still doubtful about Niall going solo. And then he released “Slow Hands” and I started thinking that since it was crazy good, maybe Niall can actually make it. But then he released his third single “Too Much Too Ask” and I’m just sold. I actually think that he’s got better songs and better music compared to the other former 1D members. Sorry for doubting at first but I am now a Nialler! Lowkey. Hihi! His album release coincided with David Archuleta’s album release too so you know. Priorities. It took me two weeks before I was able to give his album a chance. But his album is great. My favorite songs from it are “Mirrors” and “Too Much To Ask”. Huhu. So good.

2. Tomorrow I Will Date Yesterday’s You

This movie shookt my brains out. I have tried to process the whole thing in my head for a few days after I watched it but I kinda failed. Haha. It’s a good movie nevertheless. I really am interested with the many theories and possibilities of alternate universes/ realities so I really enjoyed it. I also particularly liked the movie for its emotional resonance. Because dude, it didn’t only hurt my brain, it hurt my heart as well.

3. The Good Doctor

So this TV series was recommended by a friend. He insisted that I watch this for some reason. I was not interested at first. I even told him that I don’t watch ongoing series because I hate waiting for the next episode, which is actually true. But he kept on insisting that I would like it. Even assured me that it would make me cry. He was practically begging me to watch it. Haha. So I did watch it. And I’m telling you. I actually liked it. Apparently, it was based on this Korean series of the same title. I actually watched it after I finished the sixth episode of the American version because I got so “bitin“. Didn’t finish the Korean series though because the plot was becoming boring and becoming so cheesy.

So it is about Dr. Shaun Murphy who is a young resident surgeon who has Autism and also suffers from Savant Syndrome. I guess you can see the conflict now?

I like the American adaptation better. The OR scenes are so much better and much more intense. There was this scene where they cut the skull of this old man to take out the cyst in his brain and they just used this saline solution to let it pop out. It was so cool. Also, I didn’t know that cyst looked like that. I have always assumed that cysts were like tumors, you know, like lumps of tissues. Apparently, it was just a sac of liquid. Well, you learn something new everyday. And there was also this scene where they used virtual reality to practice the operation they were going to perform on the heart of a kid. Just. Wow. Technology at it’s finest!

And Freddie Highmore is such a good actor. I’m seriously obsessed! He’s so adorable! Anyway, it’s a good series! You should try watching it. Too bad it’s already the Winter Finale this coming Monday. But the good thing is you can catch up with the series!

4. General Cleaning Galore

I was feeling immensely unproductive and I was getting really mad at myself because I was wasting so much time feeling down during the first half of the month that I decided cleaning my room from top to bottom. Ah! It felt so good. I actually read about this somewhere. That when you are feeling depressed you can do some cleaning because straightening out the physical aspects of your life can also bring clarity to the mental one. I guess it’s actually true.

5. Touching Padre Pio’s Relic

St. Pio’s first class relic came to our Parish Church in mid-November and I couldn’t pass up the chance to see it and touch it. I actually have a third class relic in my possession and I hold onto it dearly. Anyway, I was supposed to attend the Healing Mass but I don’t know why I didn’t. I just decided to visit it after my Wednesday Novena. I arrived at our church at around 8:15 in the evening and a lot of people were still continuously coming. When I was standing in front of the blood-stained glove of Padre Pio, I felt shivers run down my spine. And my legs shook so bad that I couldn’t stand for so long. I went and sit on one of the pews and when I was already sitting I just cried. I just cried and cried for a few minutes. And I didn’t care that other people could acttually see me cry. It felt like I needed to let it all out. My fears and my doubts and just about every dark thoughts I had. And it felt so great. Like my soul was being cleansed thoroughly. Ah. Such a great feeling.

Thank you so much St. Pio! I love you forever!

6. Dear Evan Hansen (Again!)

Sorry! I thought I kind of move on already with my obsession with DEH but apparently I haven’t. Last November 19 was the last performance of Tony Award Winner Benjamin Shiff Platt as Evan Hansen and I don’t know why I was soooooooo affected. I haven’t watched the Play because duh, I’m in the Philippines, I’m nowhere near Broadway. And I only have the original recording of the soundtrack. But I was so sad about him leaving. The DEH fandom went really crazy about it and it’s amazing how very much loved Ben is! It’s a beautiful thing. And Noah Galvin who is our new Evan Hansen actually sounds great. I heard his version of “Waving Through A Window” and it’s awesome. I love the extra dorkiness he brings to Evan’s character.

7. I’m Sort of Employed!

Pahabol sa Nobyembre! I got employed on the 29th! Not officially. I said sort-of-employed because I won’t be starting with work until next week. Guys! I am so nervous! It will be quite an adjustment and I am not sure if I am ready but I’m so eager to start working again! I am so sad to leave my bedroom though and I am not sure if I will be able to make art this month but I will try to make time for it. I’ll try very hard! Yuhoo! Merry Christmas to me!

P. S. I need a place to stay around BGC area. You guys know anything?

Ah! I’m excited for December! My favorite time of the year. Kahit malamang wala pa akong sahod. Haha. Buti nalang iisa pa inaanak ko. Haha. Huhu. Are you excited to finally see the end of this year as well?

13 thoughts on “What Made My Month (November 2017)”

  1. I can relate to number 4 cause I did a bit of cleaning a few days ago and damn, it felt good! Haha naniniwala ako na nakakaganda sya ng mood. 😊

    And btw, yay to your new job! That’s really good news! Hindi na sort of yan kung magstart ka na. Hehe

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