This is How I’m Gonna Die

So, I was trolling around the Internet yesterday when I found out that I actually haven’t deleted one of my old blogs. It was the lesser blog (I did not use it that much) but I still found some interesting stuffs in there. I would sometimes cross-post my art and my sort-of-dream-diary posts in my Tumblr and Blogger accounts. I don’t know why I had to have two blogging platforms that time. Haha.

Anyway, I read this one really disturbing dream I had back in 2012 from that account. I honestly couldn’t remember that I dreamt about it so I was really shookt when I read it. I just copied and pasted it here so I could share it with you.

February 28, 2012

I had this really vivid, strange and somewhat scary dream.

I was reading a book. Strangely, the book was the story of my life. Everything written on it had happened to me already. At first it was quite enjoyable until I came to the part when my Lolo died. As I was reading the book, flashes of memories were shown as if there was a huge projector in front of me. Next to that chapter was something that really, really scared me. I read about my death. Someone will kill me. And he will shoot me. I even saw how he would do it.

And then, that day came.I was highly anxious and jittery. I was somewhere with my college classmates. All of a sudden, I saw a man with a gun. Instantly I panicked. I told the ones with me to help me because someone wants to kill me. I don’t know how I convinced them but they helped me. They hid me and tried everything to protect me. In the end, the bad guy wasn’t able to kill me. For good measure, my friends decided to go home with me. We were all together in a car. We were sort of relieved that nothing happened to me. And then, a young boy rode the car. I don’t know but I got a bad feeling. I confronted him and asked if he was sent by the bad guy to continue his failed mission but he said he wasn’t. And I believed him. He was such a young, beautiful boy. He can do no harm. And then, I looked at the back of our car and there I saw that the bad guy was following us. I felt my body turned rigid, I knew he was still chasing me to kill me. And then I saw that we were going to crash with another car. I just blurted out “Mamamatay pa rin ako” (I will still die). I realized I can’t escape what was written on the book. I saw as our car crashed. And then, I was above, like I was floating and I saw as our car overturned.

Then I saw on the news that in that accident, I wasn’t the only one who died. My friend Jen and Arcie died too. I was devastated. I went to our house and found that my family had no idea what had happened to me yet. They were still waiting me to come home. I poked my sister’s side and she felt it. And when I spoke, my other sister heard it. I asked her if she can see me but she said she couldn’t. And then I cried as I tell her that I’m dead. Realizing that I’m already dead was totally heartbreaking. I couldn’t believe it. I had so many plans then all of a sudden my life just ended.

I walked to our living room and heard as my cousin tell her Mom,  “Patay na si Ate Ishel” (Ate Ishel is dead).

Then, I opened my eyes and saw that I am in my room. Everything was just a dream. I looked at my phone and saw that it was just about 3am. And then I cried. I got really scared. It was too real. I really thought that it was my THE END. Thank God it was only just a dream.

Hurrr! I can imagine my fear when I woke up. I have really weird dreams.

20 thoughts on “This is How I’m Gonna Die”

  1. I’m having goosebumps while reading this.. 😓

    Alam mo ba may listahan ako ng mga panaginip ko? Kapag may mga ganyang klaseng panaginip ako, isinusulat ko. I don’t know pero some of them nagkatotoo in real life. May meaning kase ang mga panaginip natin. May AM station nga dati na may portion na nag-iinterpret ng panaginip. Tumatawag pa ako dati doon kapag gusto ko maliwanagan kung anu yung panaginip ko.

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    1. Uy. Same po. Nakaka bother pag nagkakatotoo in some way yung mga panaginip ko. Kahit little things lang. Parang hala, napanaginipan ko lang yun nung isang araw ah. Nyeaam. May mga recurring dreams pa ko na habang nananaginip ako alam ko na napanaginipan ko na yun pero wala ako magawa. Hehe. Weird nya po no? From time to time nagchecheck din ako ng dream interpretations eh. Minsan naman sumasakto sya sa mga ganap sa buhay ko.

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      1. Oo, may ibang dreams na parang deja vu. May mga dreams din ako minsan na alam kong panaginip lang yun. Yung tipong sinabi ko sa panaginip ko na “hindi ito totoo, kase nananaginip lang ako.” Tapos ayun, bigla akong magigising. Weird nga eh noh?

        Pag may mga ganyan kang dreams, isulat mo. Ako kase may journal ako ng mga panaginip ko eh, and I’ve been doing that for more than 9yrs now. Lahat ng importante at weird na panaginip isinusulat ko.

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      2. Ang tyaga! Di ko po magawa yung may journal. Ang dami-dami kong “journal” (may pang super personal, may pang bucketlist chuchu pa pero di ko masulatan regularly //tamad problems) ito na po yung pinaka ‘dream journal’ ko. Tsaka yung blog ko dati na dinelete ko naman. Haha. Nakakapagsisi.

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