My Top 10 David Archuleta Songs

I think it is no secret to most of you now that I am in love with David Archuleta. And because this small girl is still a little too not over his concert which happened a month ago, I have decided to make this post. I was actually meaning to do this right after I wrote about #DALIM4 but it got pushed to the back of my mind because there are more pressing matters I had to deal with. Like this sort of existential crisis I am currently having which was actually caused by one of David’s IG stories. Maybe I’ll write more about that later. But let’s go back to the matter at hand.

So, you guys are probably wondering what exactly it is about him that pulls me in. Me and my 14-year old harot heart instantly fell for him when I saw his really cute face when he was singing “Waiting on the World to Change” for his Idol audition. Hay! It’s easy to say that it’s probably his damn boyish charm that captivated me because, seriously, the guy smiles and I die a little everytime. But really, I think it’s his adorable personality that is just so genuine that never fails to amaze me. Even from the start, he was already baffled with the idea of people liking him. And even after Idol he still couldn’t fathom the fact that a lot of people actually like him. And you can see that it was him being genuine. He never let fame get into his head. He remained to be this humble and grateful and down-to-earth human being that he was from when he was just starting with his career.

Aaaand. Aside from those reasons mentioned above, David Archuleta is a guy who can really sing. And when he sings, it sounds so pure and real. His rendition of Imagine and Heaven from his Idol days remains to be my favorites. I keep on watching YouTube clips of those performances until now.

This was hard!

I was actually meaning to choose only five favorites from all of his songs but I just couldn’t. He’s got tons of beautiful songs and with six studio albums to date, choosing favorites was such a feat.

So, without further ado, these are my favorite David Archuleta original songs, in no particular order.

1. Somebody Out There

So this song is included in the Deluxe Edition of his first album. I love the meaning of the song. That you don’t have to be alone and that there’s somebody out there who will hold you when worries control you. Okay, those words are exactly from the song actually. But really, the message of the song is just really good. We all need to be reminded from time to time that we are not alone and that there are people around us who cares about us and there are people who wouldn’t mind being around us when we are down and hurting.

Favorite lyrics: you’ve had a lot of lessons to learn from/ some of them hit you so hard/ and I keep believing someday you’ll see/ you don’t have to be alone


it doesn’t have to hurt you forever/ it doesn’t have to last too long

2. Things Are Gonna Get Better

This is my go-to song whenever I am not feeling really good. Actually his whole second album is my go-to album whenever I need some perking up. It isn’t called “The Other Side of Down” for nothing. It’s just full of positivity. I also love the choir-like thingy especially on the bridge part of this song. Aaah. It was such a good build up before the final chorus .

Favorite lyrics: everybody’s got that one regret/ no matter how they try/ they can’t forget/ but you gotta move on/ yeah you gotta move on/ everybody’s got someone they’ve lost/ and they can’t believe they’re really gone/ but you gotta live on/ yeah you gotta live on

3. To Be With You

I told myself that this song would be played during my wedding. I am still dreaming that David will be the groom. LOL! But if he is not I’d still like this song to be played on my wedding. IF I will ever get married. Ah! Anyway, this is such a lovely song. Give it a try and listen to it.

Favorite lyrics: and when you’re standing here in front of me/ that’s when I know that God does exist/ coz He will have answered every single prayer/ to be with you/ just to be with you

4. My Kind of Perfect

I think every David Archuleta fan loves this song. Because it’s kind of like his love song for his future girl. He described what he’s actually looking for in that someone and he is not dismissing the fact that he may have already met her but didn’t know it just yet. It’s just a really lovely song. And very sweet. Imagine someone writing a song for you before you even meet each other.

Favorite lyrics: maybe I’m wrong/ maybe I’m right/ maybe I just let you walk by/ what can I say/ maybe I’ve known you all my life/ is she the one/ is it today/ will I turn the corner/ see my future in a beautiful face/ maybe

5. Aiming For Hope

This song is from his recently released album called “Postcards in the Sky” and the first time I heard it, it immediately planted itself right there on my favorite songs of all time list. And it planted itself right there FIRMLY. I swear I got chills when I first heard it. It felt like I had some kind of divine experience. I’m serious! I cried the first time I listened to this song. Ever listened to a song and wished that you yourself wrote it? That’s how it was for me. It is so simple but it means so much. Lyrically, this is my favorite of all.

Favorite lyrics: watching the sky/ changing colors colliding tonight/ til I’m under a blanket of stars/ can’t help wondering where you are/ where you are/ the darker it gets/ the more I can see it/ when you’re alone/ and don’t know/ when the night will end/ just remember it’s never too long/ so be strong/ cause there’s always/ a ray of hope

(Muntik ko ng ilagay yung buong song. Haha. Kasi walang tapon talaga sa lyrics nung buong song!)

6. Cracks of Heaven

This song would really tug at your heartstrings. I think it is because at some point in our lives, everyone of us have already experienced losing someone dear to us. And it is about that. It conveys feelings of longing, of pain but also of acceptance and having that belief that one day you’ll see each other again. So many feels from just one song.

Favorite lyrics: I see you in the morning light/ I see you in the midnight sky/ I feel it everywhere around me/ never have to say goodbye/ it doesn’t matter where I go/ I feel you in every memory/ I’ll hold them til I see you again/ through the cracks of heaven

7. I’m Ready

Ah. This song. I love the story of the song. Really guys, if you listen to the whole “Postcards in the Sky” album, you would be brought along David’s journey. This song is him finally acknowledging that he is ready for whatever life decides to throw him now. And I also love the story behind the woman’s voice by the end of it. Oh, Annie lived a good life.

Favorite lyrics: there’s a name you can only breathe/ there’s a love you can never see/ and I know it’s gonna change the ending

8. A Little Too Not Over You

Vocally, this is really my favorite Archuleta song. Those pipes man! And to think that he was just seventeen years old when he first recorded it. But anyway, this is the ultimate di maka-move on song. Haha! Ang sarap niya talaga kantahin with so much feels.

Favorite lyrics: memories supposed to fade/ what’s wrong with my heart/ shake it off/ let it go/ didn’t think it’d be this hard

9. Glorious

This song is so meaningful. And I love how simple the melody and the lyrics of this song is. It isn’t actually in any of his albums. This song is a soundtrack of this film called “Meet the Mormons” and I believe he recorded this song while he was on his Mission. Such a beautiful song.

Favorite lyrics: there are times when/ you might feel aimless/ and can’t see the places/ where you belong/ but you will find that/ there is a purpose/ it’s been there within you/ all along

10. Someone to Love

It is a beautiful song. It is about that moment when you realize how good it feels when you get to serve other people and share your love to someone else. You can really see how the Mission affected David’s perspective in life. It’s wonderful.

Favorite lyrics: feels like a deep breathe/ feels like a good rest/ when you come to find it’s not all about you


  • Touch My Hand (because!)
  • Spotlight Down
  • Falling Stars
  • Numb
  • A Little Goes a Long Way
  • And honestly, the rest of the songs from his Postcards In The Sky Album. The whole album is just so good!

    To the lovely humans who are still reading this:

    Thank you for not abandoning me and my sort-of declaration of love to Archie! Haha! Love you guys. Anyway, you can check out my Archie Faves Playlist down here. Thank you for reading!

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