Art Dump: October 2017

Hello guys! Yes! I still have my Art Dump post. I’m actually pretty amazed with myself because aside from my watercolor challenge, I still managed to paint other stuffs last month. Amazing! Haha! Nagbuhat ng sariling bangko!

There’s not much story behind these little artworks. But they are still something. And I still want to share them with you.

Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Prang

She is a random Pinterest kid. Ang layo ng hitsura niya sa reference. Hahahaha. Iyak!

Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Prang

She is another random Pinterest girl. I love how ethereal the photo looked and I kind of wanted that kind of feel on my painting. I think I will be exploring this looser approach in watercolor more because I am actually liking it. What do you think?

Arches Hot Pressed 300gsm | Prang

My BB Archie. I’m not going to say anything anymore. Haha! Although I think that I could have done more for this portrait if only I wasn’t so giddy and excited to finish it. 

Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Prang

Dodie. It doesn’t look like her. Lol! I wish she’ll bring her “You Tour” in Asia especifically here in the Philippines. I love her songs. I think I would cry if I ever saw her perform live because she is such an inspiration. Her YouTube channel is one of the few I actually watch. Oh, she has two channels. One is for her vlogs and the other is for her music: originals and covers. I am really amazed with the person that she is. Lovely lovely Dodie.

Fabriano 200gsm | Prang

Another random Pinterest girl. As you can see, I’m kind of deviating from my usual fan art portraits. I’m still heavily relying on photos for reference though. But it’s a start. And guys, I CAN’T PAINT FLOWERS! TEACH ME HOW!

I think I will always go back to portraits. No matter how much I try to do different things I still find myself itching to paint faces.

22 thoughts on “Art Dump: October 2017”

  1. Gusto yung mga portrait artwork mo Krishel ❤ Fave ko yung mga artdump mo. Inggit talaga ako! Fave ko dito si random pinterest girl #2. Mas gusto ko yung ganito!!! 🙂

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  2. you’ve got precious hand girl! I was always dreaming of learning how to paint, but then, I know my capacity and I know what I cannot do. And painting isn’t in my list. 😦 I always adore people with amazing talents like you. Just do not stop doing what you love and showing the world what you got! 😀

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  3. Wow, these are awesome. Would show this to my sister. She loves following fellow artists. She also paints din kasi. I love how your style is clean and subtle. Very relaxing to the eyes. 🙂


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