What Made My Month (October 2017)

Two months to go and we will bid 2017 goodbye. Lord! Bakit ang bilis? Haha. I’m not prepared! Tsaka parang hala. Napakawalang-kwenta ko yata ngayong taon. Haha. Huhu. But because this is my What Made My Month post, I will be talking about the many good things that have happened in my life. Life is good. It is good.

So yeah. Lez do this.

1. Shooting Stars

I couldn’t sleep that night, uhm, morning of October 4 after finishing reading the book and watching the movie based on the same book that I have read called “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby. Orion was visible and I was trying to look for Gemini (my zodiac sign) when a shooting star went straight down near Orion. I was shooketh to the core. It was so bright. The shooting stars I have seen before were really faint but that one just looked so gorgeous. It looked so extra!

I also saw another one pretty much on the same part of the sky on the evening of October 17. It was around 11:40 in the evening and I was *praying* my daily prayer while I was looking at the sky because… I actually don’t know why. Hee. But yeah, I saw one while I was praying. It was not as stunning as the October 4 shooting star but it was still a magical moment.

Apparently though, the Orionids meteorites were really abundant during October as we were passing through the debris of Comet Halley. I started reading about it after I saw the October 17 shooting star because I got really weirded out by the sudden frequent appearance of shooting stars. It was pretty frequent for me. But yeah! That was a fun fact guys!

*Funny because while I was writing this, I was listening to the radio and the jocks were talking about how astrophysicist recently discovered that when stars collide, it produces GOLD. And they just started playing this song “Stars” by Switchfoot. So cool. And also, can I just say how much I love the word COLLIDE.

2. Split

I was finally able to watch this wonderful film starring James McAvoy called Split. It is about Kevin who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which is formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Kevin apparently has 23 or maybe 24 personalities which was a result of having a traumatic past. He abducted three teenage girls and kept them captive. Honestly, I was not too keen about the whole abduction thing-y because it kinda showed having mental disorder in a bad light. BUT! I just want to say that James McAvoy did wonderful in portraying at least 8 very different characters. He was so good! There was this scene that I really love. His alter that was in the light was this guy with OCD named Dennis but he was pretending to be this artist named Barry because Dennis was not supposed to be in the light and his therapist knew that he was pretending so she kept on egging him to introduce who she really was talking to. Then when she was able to crack him open, ugh, the transition from Dennis-pretending-to-be-Barry to real-Dennis was superb! The subtle changes in his facial expressions. It’s amazing.

Also, can I just say how lovely his alter Hedwig was. He was so adorable et cetera. He just ate a hotdog. Aaah! I love Hedwig. He was his 9 year old alter. He was so cute.

3. #DavidArchuletaMNL

GAAAAAHD! Sorry, I’m not over it. When you’ve been a fan of the guy from the start and finally, finally you see him perform live. Two weeks before the concert I binge-watched all videos I can find of him on YouTube. When I’m obsessed I become posessed so I’m sorry to my friends who are in the receiving end of my fangirling. After the concert, I binge-listened to his new album naman called Postcards in the Sky. Such an Archie-filled month. And the fact that I was able to hold his hand. Aaah! It did not only made my month, it made my year!

Tryin’ to reach out to you touch my hand…

4. Fathering Autism on YouTube

Having so much time in your hands can lead you to the most unusual places and videos in the Internet. This time, I ended up finding this YouTube channel that centers on an Autism family. You see, I have a 25-year old and soon to be 26-year old sister with autism. I don’t know why but I never really tried watching videos about kids in the spectrum before but I guess it is because I have my daily dose of that in the house. Anyway, Abbie from Fathering Autism is a 13-year old girl who has the same kind of autism as my sister, the nonverbal one.

I so love the positivity of their whole family. Living with someone with autism definitely has its challenges and I adore how they deal with everything. My favorite would be the way they talked about the day when Abbie was diagnosed with Autism. And they said this: “We left there with the same little girl we walked in there with.”

That just really touched my heart.

It is such a very lovely channel. Abbie is such a beautiful girl. And the #MaassSquad is a very beautiful family. Watch their videos. You can start with this one. But be warned because you might end up binge-watching on their channel. Which is honestly not a bad thing.

5. Watercolor Challenge

I was able to finish the Watercolor Challenge for the month of October. Yay to me! I’ll slowly get back to making more portraits. It was a nice break though. At least I got to try painting new things.

6. Postcards in The Sky Album

David Archuleta’s newest album just got released recently too (as mentioned in number 3) and it is so beautiful. I have a handful of favorites from that album alone. It is that good! It is personal and everything is just so heartfelt. When you listen to it, David will bring you along in his journey from the struggles of going back to the music industry after his two-year hiatus and to realizing that he is already a very different person and finding out that this time he wanted to do things his own way. Each and every song in his album is a different story. But it is his story. He was involved in the writing process of every song. I may be biased a little because I really love the guy but seriously, he poured out his heart and soul in that album. And I don’t think you would easily find that kind of music nowadays.

*I’m actually thinking of making a review pero baka maumay na kayo sa kaka-Archuleta ko. Haha. Baka all-time favorite Archuleta songs nalang gawin ko. Hahahaha. Ipupush ko pa din kasi I love the guy!

7. Visiting Monasterio de Santa Clara: Order of Poor Clares

I got the chance to make a quick visit to St. Clare before I watch David’s concert because I hopped down the bus right outside the Monastery in Katipunan. I missed the place. There was a Novena by the time I got there and when they sang this Gregorian chant  “Tantum Ergo” I just got goosies all over.

I just remembered, I had a dream before. In my dream, St. Clare showed up and to her right there was St. Jude. When I woke up that Sunday morning I told my boardmates about the dream and so they decided to come with me and visit the Monastery. We have been there before,once, but we never really explored the place. We just really went and sit down by the chapel before. So I was really stunned when we found out that there was an area at the rear and downstairs part of the chapel where you can write petitions and where you can bring the “eggs” you want to offer. There is an enclosed area there as well where we saw this statue of St. Clare. On her left you will find her encased relic and people can come and kiss it. And on her right was a statue of St. Jude just like in my dream. Dear! I was seriously stunned. My dreams are really something sometimes.

So yeah! That was my October. I loved it! Honest! Also, my mood seems to be improving. I’m not as easily irritable as I was in the past few months and I was actually happy on most days of October. I didn’t space out that much as well. And I also did not dream so much. It’s just that, I noticed that I dream a lot when I’m not in a good place mentally. Is it just me?

Anyway, it’s all good. Life is good!

I got a couple of job interviews but apparently, I do not have the experience that they needed me to have so I did not receive any call backs. Call backs? Parang audition lang? I’m not losing hope though! Ano ba! Yung 10 year old dream ko nga na makita si Archie nangyari diba! Fight lang self! Fight!

How about you guys? How’s your October?

16 thoughts on “What Made My Month (October 2017)”

  1. Ako ang favorite ko naman sa split ‘yung padulo na na part. ‘Yung nagpapalit palit na siya ng personality in one sentence gaGU SOBRANG GALING NYANG ACTOR huhu

    tapos yung shooting star di ko alam ah pero ang una kong naalala nung nabasa ko e ‘yung Falling Stars ni David Archuleta. HAHA

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sige lang teh. Patulan mo yung pagfafangirl ko kay BB Archie. HAHA!

      UY! Nakita ko IG story mo yung Japanese movie, yung si Nana Komatsu yung ate girl. Maganda ba? Dati ko pa iniisip kung papanuodin ko yooon. Tapos yung isa mong sinuggest di ko pa din napapanuod. Wala akong makitang may subtitle. Hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the word collide too! Maybe because of the song as well. Howie Day ❀ Sending love to your sister. ❀ I want to try watercolor too I was used to oil pastel but Idk I feel like I've lost that passion in art inside me. BUT I want to try again. I just need to manage my time properly because I want to do a lot of things at once. Hahaha! Good luck on getting a job! Kayang kaya mo yan πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank yuuuuu 😚😚😚 Feeling ko gawa din ng song na Collide kaya gusto ko yung word na yun. Haha. You can always rediscover your passion for art. Naniniwala ako dun. Hehe. πŸ˜‰ Tsaka huhu. Andami ko ding gustong gawin. Di ko alam uunahin hahahahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

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