Watercolor Challenge (Part 2)

Finally! This is the part two guys! Akalain mo nga namang napanindigan ko. Haha. The last few days were the hardest because I was starting to feel lazy doing it. Again, I’m thanking Doodlewashed for the prompts I used. I know, I should have been more experimental and creative and not just paint the exact and literal prompt. But lazy me is lazy. Sorry. Haha.

So here’s the 16 little artworks I made on the second half of October.

10162017 – Soup
10172017 – Nuts
10182017 – Cozy
10192017 – Oranges
10202017 – Pears
10212017 – Corn
10222017 – Barn
10232017 – Cats
10242017 – Bonfire
10252017 – Moonlit
10262017 – Shadows
10272017 – Cider
10282017 – Candy
10292017 – Broomstick
10302017 – Pumpkins
10312017 – Spooky

Whachoo guys think?

13 thoughts on “Watercolor Challenge (Part 2)”

  1. These are so pretty! So good they’re making me want to take an art class! Stumbled on your blog from your comment on Amiellle’s post (ahem yung mga di maka tulog ng walang kumot! Halow!).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. oo nga budget din. parang ang dami ko gusto gawin at dami workshops available. kailangan lang planuhin yang budget na yan. heheh.


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