David Archuleta Live in Manila 2017

David James Archuleta made a glorious comeback after almost six years of separation with the Filipino crowd as he performed and serenaded his loyal fans last October 20 in Kia Theater.

And this, guys and girls, is my story from that night.When I arrived at Kia Theatre, I realized how close I would be to the stage. And at first I regretted not bringing a good camera with me but now, I do not regret it one bit. I actually got the camera ready but I chose not to bring it last minute because I thought that since it will be my first time to see David in person I want to just really be in the moment and not focus on documenting the whole thing. Which I guess is a good choice. Great photos and videos of him are readily available online (just check it under the hashtag #DavidArchuletaMNL on Twitter and Instagram), but experiencing that moment and really being in there is something that no one can ever recreate.

So don’t judge my not-so quality photos. Haha. I just had to! I made that painting a week before his concert because I could not contain my excitement. And I just needed to bring it with me.

I was supposed to go with a friend. She even had a ticket already but something unfortunate and unexpected happened which concerns her family so she really could not go. It was just so sad because we were so excited to see David and I know that I would have had more fun if she was with me. At first, when she told me that she couldn’t make it, I actually thought of not going too because it just felt wrong to go without her. But she and my other friends convinced me to push through it. So seriously guys, thank you for making me go. And prend, we will see him together next time. I promise that!

Seriously though, it was so hard to fangirl when you don’t know the person beside you even though you were basically fangirling over the same person. You can’t pinch them, you can’t hit them. You can’t go gigil to them. It was hard! But I had to cope. For the love of David Archuleta, I will endure anything!The night started when Tippy Dos Santos, who is a MYX VJ and a local singer came out on stage. I legit screamed when she sang one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs “Million Reasons”. She did great! She sang I think five songs (which included her song with Sam Concepcion and Quest called “Dati”) before the stage was given to the main person of the night.


After almost 10 years of being a huge fan, I finally saw him in person! Anyone who knows me personally understands how much of a big fan I am. From my high school friends who witnessed first-hand my early teen obsession of him. To my College friends who had to constantly endure my whining whenever he visited the Philippines and I could not do anything to see him. And to my family who loves him pretty much the way that I do.

He started his set with a bang by performing “Up All Night”, a song from his newest album called Postcards in the Sky” which coincidentally was released on the same day of the concert. I will forever get shooketh to the core with his dance moves. It was then followed by another upbeat song from his “The Other Side of Down” album called “Something ’bout Love” which really drove the crowd wild. He sang a mix of songs from his old album and his recently released album. Old favorites plus new favorites. It was just so cool.

It was lovely how he really talked about his new music with so much pride and so much love before he actually perform them. I have listened to “I’m Ready” countless of times ever since he released his Leo EP and I have always loved it but when he talked about it during the concert, how he came to write it, it just really gave me a deeper appreciation for the song. Like it means so much more now. Oh, by the way the stage had no barrier whatsoever so when David came up on stage everyone just started running towards it. And I was included on those love-crazed human beings. Lol!

David Archuleta’s guitarist Brady Bills was such a riot too. He was really good with the crowd and he’s got some mad guitar skills. Plus, he is such an eye-candy. Lol!One of the many lovely moments in the concert was when he performed “My Kind of Perfect” which is a crowd favorite. Even when he was in American Idol, my favorite performances of him was when he had to play the piano so it was such a dream come true to see him hitting those keys. And when he said “maybe” instead of singing it I swear everyone’s hearts jumped out of their chests. Major KILIG guys! It was also really adorable when he forgot the keys and we just continued singing the song for him. He was like “Oh, where did it go?” (referring to the chords) and he mumbled “Come back” while we continued singing for him. After the show, when a photo of the original setlist was released, it was revealed that MKOP was not included in it. I think he just really sang it for us! Aaaah! David really is my kind of perfect.David sang a lot of songs from his OPM album and started it by performing “You Are My Song” with Tippy. It was such a treat because I did not expect that he would sing it. I knew that he would sing “Forevermore” because he actually performs it even in his US shows. But that one, I was just awestruck. I just really enjoyed his and Tippy’s rendition of the song. It was then followed by “Rainbow” and I could really feel it everytime he sing the part “this is such a wonderful place to be”.

I really enjoyed it too when he performed “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. Everyone was just so pumped up and he was clearly enjoying performing that number. The way he was jumping all around the stage and getting the crowd on their feet. He really owned that stage.

When David sang “Touch My Hand” though. Oh God! So here’s the thing, when I ran towards the stage, I was already ecstatic with the fact that I could stand a mere one meter away from him. That in itself was something I did not think would ever happen. I mean of course I dreamed about it (what kind of fangirl are you if you don’t dream about it) but for it to really happen? Fat chance! So I also did not, in any sense of the world, expected that THE DAVID ARCHULETA would thrust his hand towards the crowd which eventually lead to a few lucky clamoring ones in the crowd to actually get the chance to touch his hand. And guys! I’m one of the lucky ones!


​I swear I died and came back to life.

I was internally struggling to process that moment. I was not sure if that really happened or if that was just me and my imagination. But then, I glanced at the girl beside me clutching her wrist and staring at her hand intently. And I just thought,  I guess it really did happen.

And I’m so sorry for the chaotic clip. Haha! I know! I’m crazy. I just really completely lost it. Haha!Another favorite moment of mine was when he sang “Nandito Ako” for the encore. He got so overwhelmed with emotions that he shed a few tears while singing. I swear, when his voice started cracking I started tearing up too. He is just too precious! What did we guys do to deserve this human being?

And then, when I heard the intro of his next encore, I just felt my legs go jelly. It was “Glorious” which is such a lovely song. I remember just staring at him throughout the song and being really awed because it was such a glorious moment.He ended the night by singing his first ever single “Crush” which definitely crushed my heart, in a good way. I was way too emotional that time already and I could not believe that everything really happened. I was really finding it hard to wrap my head around the fact that it was really happening. My 14-year old self would be over the moon if she knows that this day would come.

And I am not saying this just because I am a fan but his every performance was just really tremendously awesome. He sounded really great live. Even when he was jumping all around. His voice was just really great!

And I thought I’d share this video by JackRyan of his last performance because dude! My heart!

David! Thank you for an amazing, nostalgic and emotion-filled night. You are such an inspiring human being and I can’t wait for the day when I get to see you again. Thank you for being your genuine and humble self. I will forever be proud that I am a David Archuleta fan! Mahal kita! Sobra!

P. S. David! Just know that this crush ain’t going away!


7 thoughts on “David Archuleta Live in Manila 2017”

  1. Huuuy na-enjoy ko naman ang pagfafangirl mo! Super happy ko for you!! Ang dami ko napanood na vids n’ya nung concert n’ya tapos ikaw nga naalala ko kasi alam ko pupunta ka. Buti tumuloy ka!!!!

    Ano te, hinugasan mo pa ba ‘yung kamay mo after?? Hahahaha charot!


    1. Hahaha! Buti nai push ko. Kahit takot na takot ako magbyahe mag-isa! Hahaha! Di kasi ako pamilyar sa lugar. Kastress!

      Josko teh! Ayaw ko talaga hugasan kamay ko kaso ang banas-banas sa Kamaynilaan hindi ko kinaya!


    1. Gusto ko yung ALL CAPS talaga yung comment mo po. Hahaha! Actually, yung kaluluwa ko lang yung nagtatype ngayon coz I’M DEAD!!! Chareeng! Hahahah! Help me move on!


    1. Uy thanks! And sayang naman di kayo nakanuod. Pero work is work. At congrats, may work ka na 😊😊😊
      See you next time. Manunuod ulit ako.😆😆😆


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