Europe, Salamander and David Archuleta

I was on a plane. I was sitting beside my high school friend Angelin and we were bound to Europe. Where in Europe, I had no idea. When we stepped out of the plane though we were immediately transported to some cobbled streets and both of us were so stinking excited. We then decided to visit some museum and when we were finally inside I found out that I was not with Angelin anymore but with another high school friend of mine named Yayin.

So we roamed the “museum” and even found this room with a secret room in it. In the dream, it seemed that Yayin had already been to Europe because she knew the nooks and crooks of the place. Anyway, we roamed around and when we were outside I noticed my untied shoelaces. I told my friend that I would go sit somewhere nearby as I saw tables and chairs near us. So I took a seat beside this old man. While I was tying my shoelaces, I saw some creature crawling on the concrete. I said it was a salamander because of its shiny and wet-like skin even though it had obviously no legs. I insisted that it was a salamander even though the man beside me said that it was a snake. When it came near me, it suddenly became scaly (like dragon-scaly or maybe Harry-Potter-basilisk-like-scaly). It had green scales with bits of orange and it was crawling straight which was so weird because how can a snake crawl straight? It was just actually really gliding and then its tongue slipped out of its mouth and started hissing towards me. It bared its fangs and was about to bite me when it just suddenly changed its course. It started moving the other way. Slowly, I walked away to ask for help and when I went back, do you know what I saw?

The snake had bitten David Archuleta on his forefinger!

Written on the morning of October 18.

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