Watercolor Challenge (Part 1)

Hi! I have decided to join this month’s World Watercolor Group Challenge. I was initially planning to join this year’s Inktober but aside from not being really friendly with ink, I don’t really have inkpens. Bummer!

I was not sure if you guys would have appreciated me posting a different artwork here like EVERYDAY so I decided against it. Also, lazy me prevailed. Lol! I, however, posted everyday on my Instagram so if you are following me there I apologize for the daily appearance of my works in there.

But I am so happy that I got to finish this challenge albeit only halfway as of now! So aside from my monthly Art Dump post, I thought that this accomplishment deserves a separate post. I would like to thank Doodlewashed for the prompts I used to achieve this by the way. I love that I was able to paint things I would not usually think of trying to paint before.

So here’s 15 autumn inspired artworks I made for the first half of October. I will post the remaining 16 artworks which I really hope I would be able to make on the second half of October by the end of the month.

10012017 – Leaves
10022017 – Apples
10032017 – Fresh
10042017 – Hay
10052017 – Foggy
10062017 – Chilly
10072017 – Maple Syrup
10082017 – Owl
10092017 – Acorn
10102017 – Crunchy
10112017 – Spices
10122017 – Squash
10132017 – Colorful
10142017 – Cocoa
10152017 – Eyes

Every artwork is made on Fabriano 200gsm (4.5″x6″) watercolor paper. Most of it were referenced from either Pinterest or Google photos. I mean, all of it.

Also, ang lakas ng loob kong mag Part 1 di ko pa naman sure kung may Part 2. Hahaha!

15 thoughts on “Watercolor Challenge (Part 1)”

    1. Hi! Thank you! I was so scared to do that maple syrup. I didn’t know how it would end up. Haha. I’m using Prang watercolors as of the moment. I’m still saving up so I could try some quality paints soon. 😊

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