Wall of Books and Sea of Ice

I was running.

I was running as fast as I could. Running away from something I didn’t know. I just knew that I needed to put as much space as I could between me and the thing or the person I was running away from. I was running for a few torturing minutes or maybe hours when I faced a dead end. A wall not so high but one I certainly cannot climb on. I felt doomed.

And then someone came. And he started throwing away books. That was when I noticed that the wall I was facing was made of books. Like a shelf stuffed with endless of books. And the more books that the other person was able to tear away from the wall the more light was coming through. And so I started pulling away books too. It was our only means of escape.

When we have already thrown away as much books as we could to make a sizeable hole we could crawl on we started fleeing again. We run and run and then we saw ourselves on another dead end. We were at the edge of a cliff. And our pursuers were coming close.

Again, I felt doomed. If we jumped, we would be nothing but mangled body and broken bones. The sea was frozen and the cliff was high so it would definitely be a hard crash. I looked at the other person running with me. I can’t remember his face now but it was evident from his face that time that he would rather jump and die than be caught by those things or people following us. I nodded at him and as we were about to jump we saw boats crossing the frozen sea. I DON’T KNOW HOW! But they were moving. Maybe they had those ice crushing thingies in front of their boats.

And then next thing I know we were already inside a tent and being fed with warm soup and warm bread. We were rescued I guess.

And then I woke up.

Written on the morning of October 8.

7 thoughts on “Wall of Books and Sea of Ice”

  1. Girl, share ko lang.. Speaking of dreams. Nung isang araw, napanaginipan ko na tumatakbo ako kasi may humahabol yata sa’kin tapos parang bangin ‘yung dulo tapos nung malapit na ‘ko, biglang lumabas ‘yung clown sa IT tas parang nakasmile sa’kin wtf hahaha :(((

    Wala lang HUHU baka tinatawag ka na ulit ng mga libro mo. Magbasa ka na daw ulit. Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hindi ko mapanuod yung IT na yan. Haha. Kaduwag ko ga! Hahahaha.

      Huhu! Ang tamad tamad ko. Ang dami kong pedeng basahin hindi ko mabasa basa. Haha. Anuna! Huhu.


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