Life Saver Watch

It was July during the 1st birthday of our friend’s baby (people my age are getting married and having children na wtf) when we saw this plain black watch our highschool friend was sporting and when we inquired about it, she told us that she got it from an FB page and she explained to us that it was some kind of a ‘watch for a cause’. My friend and I decided then that we want to purchase too. Fast forward to the end of August and we totally forgot all about it. Very typical of us. After another friend of ours got hospitalized though he messaged us about it and that’s when we were reminded about it. Instantly, we decided to really purchase this time.

And finally, it’s now already in our hands or should I say wrists? We’ve finally got our Life Saver Watches. Yay!

It comes in a really simple but nice package. I’m a huge fan of minimalism so I may be biased about that. I got my watch in Navy Blue, Karen and Rogelio got theirs in Gray.

So, why is it called a Life Saver Watch?

I got this from their About Us on their site.

LoveHopeFaith (LHF) is an all-Filipino social enterprise that was founded as an instrument to provide care and assistance to a cancer patient. As the business grew, LHF was able to add non-profit institutions to its list of beneficiaries. Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the purchases of LHF products are donated to its causes.

LHF aims to give joy and hope through a cause-oriented enterprise by providing affordable products to Filipinos and giving back to the community. LHF aspires to be an inspiration and a channel to empower cancer patients and the communities they aid. The LHF family envisions being a model group that cares, unites, provides equal opportunities and works hard for the betterment of everyone.

You see now? Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the purchases of LHF products are donated to its causes. (Inulit ko lang for emphasis! Haha.)

They have various products: from big watches to small watches and they also have shirts. The watches which we have purchased are available in 10 colors.

Photo from their FB page

We originally wanted to get the small black watch but it was out-of-stock by the time we ordered. A few days later it was available again. 😭 But well, maybe next time? And guys! Their watches are just Php 250 so if you have money to spare you can actually buy it in different colors. It is a very simple watch but really functional. And you don’t have to worry about the quality of the watches because their Life Saver Watches feature Japan Movement Technology and is water resistant. I mean, you can never go wrong with Japanese technology and products.

If you visit their site, there is an Our Beneficiaries section where you will see the kids they are helping out and kids that WE can actually help. They have about forty beneficiaries. You will find information about their ages, about their hobbies, about their favorite tv shows, about their favorite actors, about their dreams and aspirations and as to what type of cancer they are battling with. Some are just 2 and 3 years old! They are so young to fight their battles alone. Let’s help them!

Excuse my tiny tiny wrist 😂

I also check their Facebook Page every now and then and they posts regular updates about the kids they are helping. It always breaks my heart everytime I scroll down a post about a child who has been called back to the arms of God. 😢

You can visit their site if you want to order or read more about it. You can also contact them for business proposals, collaborations, and queries on beneficiaries through

Let’s help these strong kids fight their battles. They deserve all the love and support and prayers they can get.

It’s time to save a life. Be a Life Saver!

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