Art Dump: September 2017

Hello guys! My arm is okay already! But I had to work on a couple of commissions which took quite a lot of my time so I was still not able to make more art. Or maybe I’m just really lazy. I had to do a lot of studies (reading watercolor books, watching tutorials, reading articles) to achieve the demands of the client so it’s still a nice learning experience. It’s all good.

So here’s a few artworks I made last month!Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Farrah Espina’s cheeks and Wabi the Frenchie. Such cuties! My Ig is blessed by these two. Amen! Hihi!

Farrah Espina: Instagram | Wabi: InstagramThumbnailing before making the final output of a commission. Too huge for a thumbnail actually. Haha.Paper: Canson Montval 300gsm (9″x12″) | Watercolor: Prang

This is not the final output of one of the commissioned artworks I did but it’s pretty near. Hehe. Cannot post the final look.Paper: Arches Hot Pressed | Watercolor: Prang

My obsession with Dear Evan Hansen brought me to my obsession with Mike Faist. Huhu! So in love with the guy. I mean he sings, he acts, and he dances. And he’s so good to look at. Can you watch this? What’s not to love? So precious! 

This painting though looks so flat? It was a quick intermission painting I did whilst working on some commission. I’ll try to paint him again some other time just because.

Mike Faist: TwitterPaper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Made this a day before Padre Pio’s Feast Day. I’ve been a devotee since 2014. I’ve had that stampita with me since then and it’s been with me during life’s most trying times. Grabe yung trying times. Board exam lang naman. Haha. Whatever, I was so stressed that time kaya. Yung alam mong kulang yung aral lang kasi di ka katalinuhan kaya todo kapit ka sa lahat ng mga anghel at mga santo at syempre sa Diyos. 

If you happen to visit Padre Pio Shrine in Libis (where I got that stampita) you would notice tons and tons of rosaries everywhere. It is said that those rosaries were surrendered by people whose wishes were granted by Padre Pio. When we passed the Board Exam, my friends and I went back to Libis to surrender our rosaries (during the course of our review kasi we would pray the rosary every night). Then I bought another one in there. That’s the rosary in the photo.Acrylic on 12″x12″ Canvas

Another attempt at acrylic painting. I always always forget that acrylics do not behave like watercolors do. Lol! I made a haiku about dandelions anyway. Pardon my lame attempt at writing poetry. From what I have read, when writing haiku, one normally uses nature as subject though of course you can use any subject and turn it into something poetic. But let’s stick to the basics first.

Floating dreamily

Seeds dispersed across the fields

For you, I have wished

YAK! HAHAHA! Give up na ko sa poetry writing! Hahahaha!Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Lovely Tommy Dorfman! You probably recognize him as one of Hannah’s 13 reasons why. (F—off Courtney!)

Tommy Dorfman: Instagram


I just noticed the abundance of greens in this post. I’m trying to use only one to three colors in my palette for my experimental portraits lately. Suggestions say that one should practice using only one color actually to better understand color values but it looks so lacking when I don’t inject another color or two in it.

On another experiment I did, I used a black and white photo as reference and I tried to paint it with colors. I totally failed. Haha. I ruined the portrait of David Archuleta.

I’m joining a watercolor challenge this month and I hope mapanindigan ko sya. Haha. Wish me luck guys!

14 thoughts on “Art Dump: September 2017”

    1. Yay! Thank yuuuu! May hugot ng bahagya yung painting na yon eh na hindi related sa tula. Haha. Down kasi ako nung ginawa ko yon. Gusto ko lang lumipad! Hihi.


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