What Made My Month (September 2017)

Because ‘Ber’ months is officially my favorite thirds of the year I already claimed by the start of September that I’m going to have great months ahead. And well, I did have a good September. Could be better but it’s good enough.

So here are things/ people/ happenings that made my month. 

1. Highschool Friends

The first day of September was considered a Holiday in here in celebration of Eid Mubarak of our Muslim friends. One of my high school friends started bugging us that he wanted to hangout because he was bored. Unfortunately, my other friend had to work that day. And so we just decided to hangout the next day. No plans whatsoever just the will to get out of our houses and get together. It was kind of our thing. The three of us will decide to meet and then we will build the group up. If the three of us are available we would instantly tell our other friend about the plan (she’s usually game about it unless she has prior commitment) and then they would start telling others about it. From three bored humans we usually end up in a group of 6 or 7 or if we are lucky we can actually gather up to 10 highschool peeps. Most of our highschool friends have been MIA since high school and some are already working abroad but others actually try to join if their schedule allows it.

We also met the week after that because one of our friends will be flying to Dubai for work so we had a little “despedida” for her.

And we met again after that week because we are clingy like that. Kidding. We just actually saw each other after mass so we went out together like we always do. I wrote about it actually in this post.

And then, we met again the week after that (which is just a few hours ago) as a last hurrah for that friend who would be flying to Dubai. We do like each other’s company too much, don’t we?

2. Life Saver Watch

We got our Life Saver Watch. It feels so good to know that you can actually help kids who are fighting the big C at such a young age. I will write about it soon in case anyone’s interested.

3. Got Tickets to #DavidArchuletaMNL

I think I may have mentioned about my undying love for David Archuleta on another post. I have, haven’t I? A few days after I posted that a friend messaged me that Archie announced that he will be having a concert in Manila on October 20. This is the hazard of being away from most social media. Late sa balita. But my friends know me so well and the way that most friends of mine actually messaged me about it felt really nice. Haha. That certain friend though who first messaged me is big Archie fan too. He actually wanted to watch but the selling of tickets of Archie coincided with Bruno Mars’ selling of tickets too and he is going to watch that. I instantly tweeted my other friend and asked her to watch it with me. Walang kaabog-abog pumayag agad si ateng. Supportive! My friend and I got ourselves tickets for Archie’s concert. I’ve been a fan of the guy since 2008. You can’t even imagine how stoked I am about it.

4. Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack

So I wrote about my obsession with Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack in here. And I think I may have ended up watching just about every video I can find in the Internet about Dear Evan Hansen.

Some of the videos I watched were these little documentaries, uh, not documentaries but it was about how “Musicals aren’t born, they are made” and they introduced the whole famiy of Dear Evan Hansen and called it “We’re Evan Hansen”. From the casts, to the stand-bys, to the band, to the director, to the stage designer, sound designer and everyone behind the success of Dear Evan Hansen. It brought me to a different level of appreciation for musicals. I mean I’ve always been interested in musicals but just the songs and the way it was sang. The We’re Evan Hansen made me realize that there’s so much people behind it and not just the actors and the directors. It’s just so wonderful.

5. September by Earth, Wind and Fire

This song has always been my jam but I only found out that it’s title is September this month (which is actually so apt). I was watching backstage videos of Dear Evan Hansen (told you I watched everything connected to it) and they were having a blast jamming to this song. Then I realized that I don’t know the title of the song so I went and searched for the title by typing “ba de ya say do you remember” and surprise surprise it’s title is September.

6. Art Commissions

I made a couple of art commissions! I’m actually getting paid for my art! Ah! Such a lovely feeling. Actually, that’s where I got the money for the #DavidArchuletaMNL tickets. If those commissions never came I don’t know if I would be able to actually buy tickets for the concert of my beloved Archie. But God is good! God provides!

7. Knitting

I’m trying to knit a hat. Who knew that knitting is actually pretty easy! After a few hours, I didn’t even have to think so much about ‘knit’ and ‘purl’ because my hands were already working on their own. But I ran out of yarn so I couldn’t finish it. Wala na ko pambili ng yarn jusko!

Mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan ko.

It’s a good thing I wrote the main body of this post on a good day. If I had decided to write about this on the last few days of September. Hah. I wouldn’t be able to write anything good. Mood swings sucks.

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