6 Answers and 14 Things About Me

This was from the nomination of ate Thea and Dungis. Lovely humans! Took me a while because //tamad forever. I decided though to just skip the other rules because I think everyone else that I know have been nominated already. Thank you again ate Thea and Dungis! Lablab!

I received The Unique Blogger Award where I have to answer three questions from the people who nominated me and The Versatile Blogger Award & One Lovely Blogger Award which both have the same rules where I have to share 7 facts each so in total I have to share 14 facts about myself.

Here goes nothing!

Three Questions from ate Thea:

1. What is your advice for someone who had a friendship break-up?

A friendship break-up is something that I guess I am fortunate enough to not have totally gone through. It sounds painful. I don’t claim to still be friends with everyone I was friends with before but I never have had to deal with the heartache of a “break-up” with friends. We more like just drifted away from each other, I guess.

If a friendship gets broken, something went wrong along the way. I actually asked my friends for help in this question because after dwelling on it for so long I really couldn’t come up with an answer. Sorry ate kung ni share ko yung story mo sa kanila but they couldn’t fully grasp the idea of a “friendship breakup” kasi. When I told them about it, the look of incredulity on their faces were too funny. They were outrage. But this is the first thing I heard from them: “Hindi sila true friends!” Exactly my thoughts when I first read about ate Thea’s story. They don’t know the “true essence of being a friend” (Karen’s words) so maybe you just need to find people who actually knows how to be a friend. Also, maybe just move forward. Sounds hindi pinag isipan pero pinag isipan ko po yan. I know that sometimes it would be so hard to do that, especially if you are the kind of person who gets stuck in the past and keeps on asking the question “what went wrong?”, and “what did I do wrong?” But on my personal experience, living in the past and keeping on thinking about what happened in the past does not do any good. It will only make you miserable. So that’s my advice, move forward. And never look back.

2. Are there any regrets you have? What are those?

If I ask myself the question “what-if?” is that considered a regret? Kasi if that’s the case, andami ko regrets. Haha. But in my current state, I feel like I don’t have any huge regrets in life. Because whatever choices I made before, may they be right or wrong choices, they led me to where I am today.

3. What is the most memorable and proudest moment you have in your life?

There are times when I would be so proud with even the most little achievements that I get (like waking up in a good mood or ticking off everything in my to-do list) but there would be moments when I would feel like I haven’t done anything in this life to be proud of. And today is one of those moments so I’m sorry, I cannot answer this question.

Three Questions from Dungis:

1. If you would write a song, what would it be about? What would be the title of that song?

Hmmm… I’ll probably write a song about the conflicting emotions I have to go through everyday. And I would give it the title “Madness”. Haha!

2. What song would describe your life recently? Why?

Oh, definitely 6/10 by Dodie Clark. This song is about feeling average. About feeling that you can never be enough. And about feeling that other people do not want your presence. Like you are just a burden on someone else’s life.

3. If you would be an artist (a singer), or if you would form a band, what screen name or band name would you like to have? Why?

I am never comfortable standing in front of people so I can never be a solo artist and if I could be in a band, I’d probably choose to be a drummer or keyboardist or guitarist instead of being the vocalist even though I don’t know how to play any of those. But I didn’t answer your question. If ever I can choose to name a band that I will be a part of, I’d name it: The Rolling Maniacs. Kasi wala lang. Haha! It just have a nice ring to it. And I believe I wouldn’t be a part of a band whose members do not ride the same wavelength as I do. So I believe that all of the band members will be partly insane.

14 Very Random Things About Me:

1. When I discover a new song that I like it would be on repeat for days and I would obsessively listen to nothing but that song alone until my ears grow tired of it. And then I would stop listening to it altogether.

2. When I was in high school, I received the Most Admirable Medallian Award. It was an activity from our adviser and each of us had to choose three people in our classroom that we admire the most for whatever reason that may be and then we would prepare a gift for each of those people and a little speech as to why we admire them. It could be because they are good at something or they are a good friend or whatever. Apparently, I got the highest votes (?) or something. I was really flattered by that. I didn’t know my classmates actually  liked me.

3. I used to dream of being an ice skater pero hanggang ngayon di pa ko nakakatungtong sa ice.

4. I constantly get this dream that I’m flying over a cliff.

5. I want to work in PAGASA or PHILVOCS or NASA kaso pang matalino sya mga bes.

6. I don’t look at people’s faces when I’m outside. One time I was roaming the mall alone and my friends came up to me a little while later and they were laughing at me because according to them they had been walking infront of me, beside me, and across from me for an hour already and I didn’t even notice them. Ganon kalala yung pagiging malag ko.

7. My favorite song to sing in the videoke is “Dadalhin” by Regine Velasquez. But I will always choose Mandy Moore songs for warm-up.

8. I almost always have my headsets on. Even inside the house.

9. My friend told me that she thinks I’m heading to a minimalist kind of lifestyle. And honestly, that doesn’t sound bad.

10. I realized that I’m a Lady Gaga fan when I was watching her performance in Super Bowl and I noticed that I was singing along to her EVERY song and enjoying every moment of it!

11. In relation to the fact above, Lady Gaga follows me on Twitter. Hihi.

12. People’s usual first impression of me is that I’m “matalino“. I have a coworker before who happened to be my classmate during our Review for the Board Exam (such a small world) and she told me that she used to watch me from afar and thought that I was Top Notcher levels katalino ganon. Joke’s on you my friend! Haha. Another friend told me that I have this intimidating aura around me daw kasi nga mukha daw akong matalino kaya wary ang mga taong lapitan ako. Natatawa nalang ako. Haha.

13. To debunk that first impression thingy on me, I failed five major subjects in College. I hated Math at Applied Math pero puro yun yung nasa course na kinuha ko. Haha! Me and my life decisions! BUT I was still able to graduate on time. Kahit overload ako ng mga around 6 units during my last sem in College. Kasi nga guys! If there’s a will, there’s a way.

14. I have a feeling that I was a European in my past life. O gusto ko lang ipagpilitan ang sarili ko sa Europe. Haha.


So that it! Thank you for reading!

Di ko alam kung interesting bang basahin yung pinagsusulat ko. Bahala na kayo mag judge! Haha! Thank you again ate Thea and Dungis!

22 thoughts on “6 Answers and 14 Things About Me”

  1. Krishelinda Marinet (nadagdagan na ng Net yung Mari mo) HAHAHAHA THANK YOU SO MUCH! Salamat! Salamat pati kay Karen at sa mga friends mo ❤ Oks lang yun di niyo naman sila kilala eh. hahahahah. Thank you sa pagsagot mo din dito, naappreciate ko and sana never kayo nila Karen (naks close ako hahaha) mag friendship break up ❤ hihihi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Thank you naman po at naging interesting read sya para sa inyo! Haha! Naenjoy ko naman po magsagot kasi teamwork kami. Hahaha. Naku, ipagdadasal ko po talagang walang mangyari sa aming pagkakaibigan. Hindi ko yata kakayanin pag nawala ang mga yon sa buhay ko kasi sandigan ko na mga yon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Parehas tayo sa #1. At hindi ko kinaya ‘yung nagwa-warm ka sa videoke. Diretso na ako sa birit baks! Hahahaha.

    And please, agree din ako sa #13. Kapal ng mukha kong mag-second course on engineering e bobo naman ako sa math. In fact habang sinusulat ko ito dapat naliligo na dapat ako for work. Hindi lang ako looking forward sa trabaho kasi magko-compute na naman ako ng mga equation ampotah huhuhu.

    Anyways Krishelinda Marinet (haha), interesting ang mga sinusulat mo! Sulat lang nang sulat! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ay! Kelangan yung warm up! Baka kasi ma strain yung vocal chords ko, mahirap na! HAHAHAHA! Napapaos kasi ako agad pag masyadong napaaga ang pagbirit, eh patagalan kami ng mga ate sa videoke so hindi pwede. Mapaglalamangan ako eh pag usapang videoke competitive ako! Haha!

      Bakit ba gustung-gusto nating pahirapan ang mga sarili natin? Nakakaloka! Math paaaa! Haha. Anong engineering pala kinukuha mo?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Electrical. Nagsisisi nga ako nang slight e, ang dami kasing math nakakairita. Kumuha ka ba ng Calc 3, ‘yung multivariable calculus? Panira sa buhay huhuhuhuhuhu. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wala kaming Calc 3. Buti nalang! I can only imagine. *shivers* Though na enjoy ko DifCal at Integral kasi magaling yung prof namin. Mahal na mahal kasi niya ang Math. Pag nagtuturo sya parang ang feeling ko ang daling mahalin ng Math. Haha. Tinu-tutor ko pa classmate ko non. Haha. Tungunu. Anong nangyari saken? Pagdating ng third year nagkagulo na ang buhay ko.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ‘Yung DifCal ‘yung differentiation? Or ito ba ‘yung differential equations? Naks, smaaaart! 😀 Kahit magaling ang prof ayaw ko pa rin sa math huhu. Just, no. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Tingin ko masipag-sipag lang ako mag-aral nung mga unang taon ng college. Tapos di na ko nilubayan ng espiritu ng katamaran pagkatapos non. Haha. Yung DifCal po namin ay Differential Calculus. 😊

        Isa nga po pala sa bagsak ko nung college ay Basic Electrical Engineering. Haha. Nakakahiya. Basic na nga lang bagsak pa. Haha. Huhu.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. ‘Yang basic electrical lang ang na-gets ko sa lahat ng electrical classes ko hahaha. Apir tayo sa pagiging tamadera! Echoing Alona’s sentiments, saan nga ba kasi nakakabili ng motibasyon? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Gusto ko rin mag-work sa NASA.. Hahahaha. Gusto ko kasi talaga before mag-Astronomy pero parang di kaya ng brain cells ko.

    And same ulit! Sobrang in love ako sa kahit anong Europe-y related bagay or place. Iba talaga ‘yung feels eh, ‘no?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. omg ate ngayon ko lang nabasa pasensyaa huhuhu salamat pala sa pagsagot hehe. Nung nabanggit mo yung madness si Melanie Martinez pumasok sa isip ko. haha saka ang ganda pala ng nakaattach na song. chill. hahaha saka pala ate, recommend ko sayo channel ni Simone Giertz sa YouTube. May dream din sya na pang NASA hahaha kyut.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Opo hahaha kakasembreak lang haha

        Nakalimutan ko kung pano ipronounce ahaha basta nanonood lang po ako ng mga videos nya. 😂 kilala rin siya sa paggawa ng mga failed o funny robots haha

        Liked by 1 person

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