Fairy lights, Earthquake and everything that followed

I was in my room with someone I couldn’t remember. I don’t even know if it was a guy or a girl. And then, all of a sudden, people started streaming inside my room. I clearly saw Jerry Maestas as one of them and he brought with him some fairy lights and the next thing I know, we were shooting like Brandon Woelfel already. We were having a blast after doing stuffs and Hot2Touch was playing in the background when a frog jumped inside my room from the window. Tell me how for my room is on the second floor. But anyway, the people in my room started to panic because the frog was frantic. It was hopping everywhere. I don’t know why suddenly there was a chair in my room but I was standing on it when I felt the room shaking. It was a really strong earthquake. Everyone started freaking out because the earthquake was also taking so long. And then it stopped. We rushed out of the room and found ourselves in a beach. Weird. Anyway, the earthquake felt so real that I woke up with a pounding heart. I’m actually not sure if the earthquake in the dream is the reason for it or if I was having another little panic attack.

After typing about the dream in my notes, I fell asleep again. And when I started dreaming again I found myself in the church. I remember seeing my Thai Novice crush. Mehehe. In my dream, I fell asleep in the church (Haha! Ang takaw sa tulog! Kahit sa panaginip natutulog.) I panicked when I woke up because in the dream, two hours had already passed. And then I saw myself somewhere I seriously do not recognize. Everything was made of metal. It was dark and it was hot. Like there was no air inside. Someone approached me out of nowhere and gave me a parcel. Said it was from the mail. I opened it and saw various stuffs I cannot remember now, but I saw that it was from a College friend of mine who already lives in New York (in the dream). My address was different too. I just wish I can remember my new address in the dream.

And then I was in the church again (a different church though) and I saw another College friend. We talked I think and when we parted ways someone was following me. It was a man and his left hand was missing. It was cut up to his elbow. And he looked really gross (I think I should stop watching The Walking Dead). I ran and I ran but he kept on following me. When he reached me I just fought so hard that I eventually knocked him over. Badass moment I probably wouldn’t be able to do in real life. Anyway, I ran again to find a safe place and found myself back in the metal house or building or something. I saw my cousin and she started yelling at me how there’s no forever. Lol! She was like “ATE! WALANG POREBEEER!”

And then I sat down on a metal chair, it was a queue to the rest room, and I asked the person beside me about the meaning of “existentialism”. As he was about to whip out his phone to look at the meaning of it, I finally really woke up.

Written on the morning of September 17.

Kahit ako shookt dun sa existentialism question ko. San nanggaling yon? Haha. Mahaba pa talaga yung panaginip ko pero andami ng nawalang details. The more I try to remember, the more it started fading away.

Today, I woke up to the news of the earthquake in Mexico. My heart goes to the people of Mexico. Sending you my prayers and love.

Edit: The guy in the dream who was with me during the earthquake thingy, Jerry Maestas, he posted last night that they legit experienced an earthquake a couple of days after my dream. They even caught it in camera. I am shookt! Did I just had a vision or some kind of prophecy?


11 thoughts on “Fairy lights, Earthquake and everything that followed”

  1. Just read about the Mexico quake, fatalinda huhu. 😦

    Gusto ko itong “dream-serye” mo baks. Dreams are interesting ‘no? Parang they’re both metaphysical and scientific at the same time, if that makes sense.

    At baks, Thai novice crush? Novice na mongha as in monk? May picture ka? Charot lang hahaha.

    And oy, kung gusto mo ng readings on existentialism let me know. Used to read lots about it and its cousins absurdism and nihilism. Interestingly, naging curious ako d’yan because of Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” haha.

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    1. Ateng. Nakakaloka. Yung guy sa panaginip ko na kasama ko nung lumilindol nagpost sya na nakaranas sya ng lindol kahapon sa L.A. They were filming a vlog so they caught their reactions in the video habang lumilindol. Shookt ako. Sobrang coincidental pero nakakapaisip if I just had a vision or something? Gahd!

      On a lighter note. Oo teh! Madami akong nakaw na picture ni Thai Novice. Haha! Sya yung kras ko na seminarista. Nag-aaral sila ngayon dito sa Pelepens tapos nagseserve sila dun sa church na sinisimbahan ko. Muhaha!

      Bakit ganon. Nabasa ko din naman ang The Alchemist pero di ako naging curious about existentialism. HHAHAHA! Sige nga po. Suggest kayo ng mga pede kong basahin about dyan.

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      1. Hala siya may clairvoyant powers! Shookt! Hindi kaya ikaw ang Itinakda? Chareng hahaha.
        Nagtatagalog ba itong Thai crush mo? Wait, sorry hindi ako familiar sa intricacies ng simbahan — so novice monk siya na nagseserve sa Catholic church? Or hindi siya monk at all kasi ang “seminarista” ay strictly a Catholic thing? Hindi ko talaga alam juju, sorry. 😦
        ‘Yung philo site ng Stanford, magandang source ng wiki-style primers (http://stanford.io/2w5D1bN). Pwede rin ang Wikipedia mismo (http://bit.ly/1e21YtO). Ang ginagawa ko kapag marami akong time, pumupunta ako sa dulo ng webpage tapos hinahanap ko ‘yung cited sources. Tapos kapag nosebleed na ako kasi hindi na maarok ng utak ko (to borrow your words), balik Facebook na ulit hahaha.

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      2. Hindi po ata ako ang Itinakda. Feeling ko ako ang Gabay! Cheret! Haha!

        Di ko alam kung nagtatagalog si Thai Novice. Hanggang tanaw lang ako sa kanya eh. Haha. Di ko po alam yung sa monghe. Sa nabasa ko kasi before, pede ding tawaging monghe ang pari at mga brothers. Pero hindi lahat ng pari at brother eh pedeng tawaging monghe. Haha. May classmate ako nung college may kapatid sya na nagmamadre, pinayagan lang ng parents niya na magmadre si ate kung hindi sya magmomongha. Di na daw kasi nila makikita pag nagmongha si ate girl. Haha. So ang understanding ko sa kanya ay ang mga mongha ay yung mga hindi nakakalabas ng monasteryo. Parang mga Carmelites. Baka ganon din ang monghe?? AHAHAA!

        Yan. Subukan kong basahin at intindihin yang mga nilink mo. Sana ma gets ko. Haha.

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      1. Actually, hindi ko po alam ang feels ko dyan. Nagbabasa po kasi ako before about déjà vu kasi kasiiii natalo ako sa spelling bee gawa ng word na yon. Haha. Ang daming theories revolving around it. Sabi nila neurological anomaly daw yon. Parang may mga memories lang tayo na hindi natin mapinpoint kung kelan naganap o san naganap. Feeling ko po sa totoo lang eh dun ako pasok. Haha. I space out a lot kasi so feeling ko yung mga ganap na subconsciously lang nagregister sa utak ko tapos naranasan ko ulit eh nagfifeeling déjà vu sya. Ganon. HAHAHA!

        Pero I seriously like the thought that experiencing déjà vu means that you are in the right place at the right time. Like fate. Sa religious side of it. Hehe. Tsaka yung theory about multiverse. Na nag align yung mga ganaps sa parallel universe. Ang cool lang.

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      2. “ganap na subconsciously lang nagregister sa utak ko tapos naranasan ko ulit eh nagfifeeling déjà vu sya.”

        pwidi piro dipindi. di ko rin maalala kung naregister na siya before pero iba lang talaga yung feeling if it happens.

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      3. Totoo po! It’s one of the weirdest and most curious of feelings. Nung College ko sya madalas maranasan eh. Pag natitigilan ako matic na yung barkada ko na sasabihin “Ano! Parang nangyari na naman?” Inuunahan na ko. Haha. Langya.

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