Book Review: November 9

Author: Colleen Hoover
Genre: Romance | New Adult
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 out of 5 stars)

Note: This was first posted on my now deleted Tumblr. I was able to retrieve some draft. I just edited some parts of it and added more thoughts about the book.

I didn’t have any high expectations about this book (first: because it’s my first CoHo book and second: not the biggest fan of romance novels) so at least that saved me from the disappointment I could have felt upon finishing the book. It was unputdownable, yes, but I didn’t really love it? I read it in one sitting and I actually stayed up until 3AM just to finish it so that’s saying something but something really didn’t work for me. And I guess because the story was a mash up of everything cliché.

There was this self deprecating girl who due to some terrible tragedy lost her confidence. I mean, I don’t downplay the trauma and horrors of being a fire victim but novelists can do better than that. Or so I like to think. Then there’s this guy who is all so sweet but very horny who became her knight in shining armor. Who forces her to see her beauty. Who forces her to follow her dreams. And then instead of trying to explore and see where their initial attraction/ connection could lead, they just had an agreement of meeting every 9th of November without communication whatsoever. I wanted to see more of the characters lives instead of just one day every year with each other. Like who are they past the date November 9. I needed more of that.

The story has a couple of major plot twists. The first was a very predictable one. Yes. That was predictable! I was on the second or third chapter when I just thought “this is what’s going to happen in the end” and I was not wrong. I had to mentally pat myself in the back when it finally happened in the book. Or maybe I just have read quite a number of books and quite a number of stories in Wattpad that I kind of knew how the story would unfold. Sue me but I do read some Wattpad stories because it’s readily available and I have no right to be choosy when I’m broke. Haha. There are good stuffs there actually. Hard to find but they are hidden somewhere there. Uhm. Sorry I’m getting sidetracked. The second plot twist though just totally, TOTALLY threw me off. I wanted to hurl my book on the wall when I read about it. It was so unnecessary and stupid and ugh. Just nope! That shouldn’t have happened.

There are so many things wrong about this book. But I have to say there are many things right about this book as well. It’s just that the wrongs outnumber the rights for me. I laughed so hard during the first few chapters. Ben was definitely a hilarious guy. But on hindsight he was just really a guy with a lot of issues. And sick. I mean, who tells a girl whom he just met an hour or two ago that he wants to know what color her panties are underneath her jeans? I understand his character and I like that he is a writer in this book and writing has become his catharsis but I don’t know why I couldn’t love his character. I couldn’t connect with him. And don’t even let me start talking about the female protagonist named Fallon because I seriously do not like that girl. Sorry. I hate girls who act all tough and mighty like they don’t need anyone in the world but I really detest girls who act all weak and pitiful. Like I said, I don’t downplay the trauma and horrors of being a fire victim but still. We people need female characters who possess wonderful inner strength. And that is why I want to read more about them past that date November 9. I wanted to see how she actually dealt with what happened to her on her own. I wanted to see her relationships with other people, with friends and family. There’s so much more I need to see (or read) on both of the characters. Though I appreciate it a lot that Fallon has a lot of compassion in her heart. Maybe that’s her strength. But it’s weird cause I also hate it about her. She forgives way too easily.

The characters were so young so I understand that they made a bunch and I’m saying A BUNCH of shitty decisions in their lives. They were all fucked up due to unnecessary tragedies in their lives and I guess that’s what I really don’t like about the book. The conflicts were forced. And seriously, the two just want to do each other every time they meet. Lust does not equate to love so that didn’t really work for me. You can show love in other ways. I also feel like their attraction to each other needed more development. I’m a sucker for meaningful conversations of characters on books and I feel like they needed more of that. I mean they had moments but not enough for me to be sympathetic to both of them. And another thing I don’t like about it. They are so focused on having a book-worthy relationship. Just explore all the possibilities and stop thinking about making your lovelife book-worthy. The two of them complicate things so much and it’s already complicated enough.

I’m giving it a 3 out 5 of stars. I was thinking of giving it a 2.5 but the story made me laugh, it made me shed a few tears (out of frustration) and it made me want to pull all of my hair out. I guess I just have to try another CoHo book because it seems like she’s a good contemporary writer it’s just that this book is not the right book for me. I don’t think she will be an International Bestselling Author for nothing. I’m not closing any doors for another CoHo book. I have a friend who is a big fan of her works so I’m definitely going to try her other books. But maybe not in the near future. I need more time to throw away my prejudice first.

More afterthoughts: I read this book back in February (posted the original book review the same month) and in the past few days, I read a few book reviews about this. A lot of people actually gave this book a 5/5 stars. I guess this book speaks more to some people. Maybe it’s for the people who likes romance novels and stuffs. So still, check it out. And let me know what you think about it.

16 thoughts on “Book Review: November 9”

  1. I’ve been really curious about Colleen Hoover books. A friend of mine said to me that she feels I won’t like her books because I love strong, self-possessed, and well fleshed out characters, and Colleen Hoover doesn’t seem to have achieved that. I think you and my friend share the same opinion.

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    1. Naku. Lacking sya sa ganong department. Base sa book na ito ha. Tapos yung feeling ko upon finishing the book eh parang bitin na bitin ako pero at the same time umay ako sa kanya. Na parang, eh yun na yon? Maganda ang pacing niya though o siguro nga kasi may hinahanap ako sa kanya na akala ko makukuha ko pag tinuloy ko yung pagbabasa. Pero sadly hindi ko nahanap yon.

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  2. I didn’t read this post kasi baka basahin ko yung book pero mukang babasahin ko nalang tong review mo kasi baka sayang pala pera ko hahaha

    teka basahin ko na nga review mo Kris haha.

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  3. Parang hindi ko na babasahin tong book na to hahaha.

    Nabasa ko rin kasi yung It Ends With Us tapos hindi naman ako natuwa. Parang nabwisit lang ako dun sa bidang babae kasi nga ganyan parang walang isip. Hayy basta kakainis hahaha

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  4. Binasa ko ung Slammed Series niya nung time na sobra pa ang hype sa New Adult. Parang 5 years ago? Dumating din ako sa time na puro New Adult binabasa ko. Hanggang sa naumay ako kasi same formula. As in lahat ng lumalabas under the genre. May mga nagustuhan ako noon but if I’ll read them again now baka mababa na rating ko compared sa unang binigay ko.

    Madaming problema talaga sa New Adult, kahit akong nagbabasa na madalas ng romance, inaayawan ko yan unless na lang maganda ang blurb at hindi puro fangirling ang reviews at asa 4.5 pataas ang average rating (pero in the end nagiging 2-3 lang rating ko, HAHAHAH or pinakamasaklap, DNF!). Kung gusto ko din lang ng puro sexual tension chuchu, mag erotica na lang ako. Baka matuwa pa ako. LOL.

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    1. Sabi po nung friend ko maganda naman nga daw yung Slammed Series. Actually yun yung nirecommend niya na una kong basahin kaso matigas ulo ko. Haha.

      Natawa ako sa erotica thingy. Ang harot-harot lang nung 2 main characters sa book na ‘to. Sobrang horny. Haha. Di ko pa na try magbasa ng erotica. Though nasimulan ko 50 Shades. Pero meh… di ko magawang ituloy. Simula palang nabored na ako.


      1. Hindi magandang pamantayan ng erotica ang 50 Shades! Haahahahahahaha.

        Tsaka depende sa level ng kaya mong basahin. Ang initiation ko sa genre na yan retelling ni Anne Rice ng Sleeping Beauty. Takte, pagkatapos nun parang ayaw ko ng magbasa ng fairy tales. Natrauma ako. Hahahahahaha.

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      2. Hala. Bakit nakakatrauma? Pero interesting. Hanapin ko nga yang book na yan, though napakadalang ko makakita ng Anne Rice ditey. May hinahanap akong book niya dati na maganda daw kaso hindi ko talaga makita kita. Sa sobrang tagal nakalimutan ko na tuloy kung anong book yon. Haha.


      3. Trilogy siya. Keri kahit gabg unang libro ka lang.

        The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure.

        Erotica BDSM yan, ‘teh at napakastrong ng content. Pero compared to other most recently released “feeling” erotica, mukhang well-researched siya at maayos ang pagkakasulat. Yun lang, grabehan talaga.

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