Pizzas like Lasagna, Blue Dog and everything in between

I don’t know how my dream started but I remember sitting on the far end of a really long table and there were loads of food on it. Pizzas were stacked on top of each other like lasagna. There was tubs of ice creams, plates of pasta and lots of snacks. Apparently it was my College classmate’s birthday. It’s weird because we never talked in years. I think I was with other College classmates but not a face really registered with me. But then we decided to bring the party somewhere different. And the moment I stepped out of the door the dream changed.

I was now inside a house I do not recognize and from the window I saw a spaceship descend  from the sky. It was a shiny, metallic black with even blacker windows and it was really huge. It was like suspended in the air by a string because it started swinging like a pendulum. The house I was in would always be nearly hit but it never happened. Other houses and buildings in the vicinity though got thoroughly destroyed. People started to panic. Our house became a safehouse and people started coming. But then the waters outside started to rise. It was red, like a rusty red and it started to drown the people outside. Again our house was spared.

When the waters went down we saw the huge damage it caused the place. We were inspecting the place then we saw a pack of dogs who survived near a pile of debris. I saw one who looked like our dog. It’s weird because even in the dream I knew our dog was already dead (and I kind of knew I was just dreaming) but I still called out to Blue dog and the dog in the dream came to me and it was really Blue. I started petting him and then the dream ended.

I miss Blue!

Written on the morning of September 9, 2017.

I dream a lot. On lucky days, I get to remember the details vividly and sometimes I actually get the chance to write them down. I used to write all about them on my old blog. Ah. Now it makes me regret I deleted it on a whim. Would have been so much fun to read them again.

6 thoughts on “Pizzas like Lasagna, Blue Dog and everything in between”

    1. Haha. Dati nga napanaginipan ko si Iza Calzado eh hinabol ng pating sa lupa. Haha. Engot eh. Paborito ko talagang panaginip yon. Haha. Mas madalas ko maalala yung panaginip ko pag yung biglang gising.


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