Art Dump: August 2017

It’s another Art Dump post (and word vomit). I made very few artworks last month and I am so ashamed of myself. It’s also very much all over the place. Haha. But I have my reasons for painting very scarcely last month. If you follow me on Instagram (@artsyfartsylulu) and have seen my second to the last post you probably know the reason already. If haven’t followed me yet, follow me now! (Shameless plugging!) Hahahaha! Anyhoo, I’ll explain later my reasons and you’ll know about it if you go and read on. (It’s not that much of a big deal tbh.)

Before anything else though! Have you seen my Art Dump for June and July? Please check them out and give them some love. I’d be really grateful if you do.

So let’s start.Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x12″) | Watercolor: Prang

I first found out about Tashi Rodriguez and Brandon Woelfel when I came across a video on YouTube of a Four Photographers One Model Challenge which Brandon did alongside Jessica, Jerry and Derrick.

The photo I used as reference here is Brandon’s shot from that challenge. It’s a nice reference for watercolor practice-slash-experiment. It has that dreamy quality that I want to achieve in watercolors but cannot. Haha. One day. One day

Tashi Rodriguez: Instagram | Brandon Woelfel: InstagramPaper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Kwak Dong-Yeon as Kim Byung-Yeon in Love in the Moonlight. I honestly prefer him over Park Bo-Gum. Am I the only one? I watched that KDrama as my stress reliever when I was still working so despite its flaws, that KDrama meant a lot to me. Haha.Acrylic on 12″x12″ canvas

Sorry I’m a newbie on Acrylics. I’ve tried it before but mainly for experiments just like the way this one is, an experiment. I sometimes prefer the opacity of acrylic colors compared to the transparency of watercolors. But I find it harder to get the colors I want through mixing in acrylics. It’s fun though. It’s a nice break from watercolor.Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Maine Mendoza. The other half of the sensational pair called Aldub. This is also my first artwork for my Pinoy Series Project for the month of August (in honor of Buwan ng Wika which btw I failed to complete). I was planning to paint/draw at least five Pinoy personalities. Huhu! I only made three.


IMG_20170812_161412_591-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Mikoy Morales. Lovely guy! I thought at first that he was really gay because of his effective portrayal of Roxy’s character in Pepito Manaloto. Then he also have this film (I think) called “4 Days” where he also portrays a gay character. But nope. He isn’t gay. Have you heard of his song “Pusong Di Makatulog”? It’s pretty good.


Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

My self-portrait. I made a separate post and talked a lot about this here. The style of this one is heavily inspired by the works of Agnes Cecile so it’s a bit different from my usual output.

IMG_20170818_132107_919-01Graphite on 10″x15″ Illustration Board, Cold Pressed

Apo Whang Od. I made this for a whole week. The longest time I’ve ever spent on a graphite portrait. And for the first time, instead of using blending stump I actually used brush and powdered graphite (ehem kinaskas na lapis) for the whole thing. And because I am nearsighted and I don’t like wearing my eyeglasses when I’m working on an artwork, I always have to work so closely on my paper/canvas so medyo sumakit yung baga ko kasi naiinhale ko yung powdered graphite. MyGahd! Ngayon ko lang naisip na pede nga palang mag face mask. Haha!

I just randomly sketched my face and my Thai crushes (and also a lot of plants) for quick practice because…

Dandandandan. Eto na yung explanation.

During the latter half of August my right arm, which is my dominant arm, just felt dead. My ring and pinky fingers were always numb, my right shoulder was always sore, and my elbow aches like mad. I couldn’t draw or write for long periods of time because it would soon start aching. I really couldn’t control my grip as well. I kept on breaking the lead of my mechanical pencil when I am sketching because I’m pushing too hard on the paper. I was trying not to make a big deal out of it pero nakaka stress sya kasi jusko pag nagkaproblema kamay ko paano na ko mag-art?! I didn’t want to force my arm because I’m afraid it’ll get worse so pinagpahinga ko sya ng very light. I also started doing gliding/mobilization exercises for my ulnar nerve because from what I read, numb pinky and ring fingers are normally caused by ulnar nerve entrapment. Kumbaga may naiipit na nerve pag laging nakaliko yung arm… you know sa may elbow part. I’m not sure if it really was the case but in fairness, the numbness started to lessen after doing the exercises. Kailangan lang pala mag unat-unat.

I’m slowly going back to my watercolors because I miss them already. Hoping I can do more art and hopefully better ones this September! 😄

32 thoughts on “Art Dump: August 2017”

  1. Ang galing mo Krishelinda nakakainis ka!!! Hahaha. Ganda ng self-portrait mo at ni Whang Od, sabi nga ni Aysa. Maganda rin ‘yung acrylic painting for a beginner — gusto ko ‘yung blotches technique (technique??), parang umi-Impressionism ang dating hahaha. Galing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Juskupu sa Krishelinda. 😂 Nagda-draft pa naman ako ng tungkol sa napakadami kong palayaw mukhang madadagdagan pa. Haha. Actually yung blotches chuchu po ay bunga ng pagkayamot ko kasi di ko maachieve yung gusto ko maachieve so basta ko nalang kiniskis yung brush sa corner nung canvas at nilaro ko nalang. Tapos parang ok pala so tinuloy ko na. Pinanindigan ko nalang. Muhaha.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 😚 Naniniwala akong lahat tayo may talent sa art. Yung creativity lang pedeng through other forms natin mai express gaya sa music or writing. Like you. You have a knack for writing. Talent and skills yan!! 😄 (btw hope you’re okay!🙂)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ate ang galling mo talaga grabee. gusto ko yung pagseself portrait mo, never ko pa nadrawing sarili ko. Di ko pa rin yata tanggap yung sarili ko, joke haha!

    Anyway, sana gumaling na yung arm mo kasi magpapaint/magdradraw ka pa ng maraming artworks yiee

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mamshie, kahit sinabi na nila paulit ulit, uulitin ko pa rin. Ang galing mo talagaaaaa. Inggit na inggit ako palagi sa magagaling mag-drawing kasi ‘di talaga ako biniyayaan ng talent duon. Hahaha. Kaya ang bilis ko rin talaga maka-appreciate ng art.

    Sa’n nga pala napupunta drawings/paintings mo after? Pinapagbenta mo ba or nakadisplay lang?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😙 Yung iba nakabalandra lang sa kwarto ko. Yung iba nakatago sa cabinet. Haha. Di ko sya maibenta (wala atang interesado) haha. Tsaka di pa high quality yung paint na gamit ko. Tinitignan ko pa kung ano magiging itsura niya pag nagtagal. Baka kasi magdeteriorate yung artwork in time. Hihi.


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