What Made My Month (August 2017)

Another month ends. Where did the time go? Time flies! And the priest eloquently reminded us of that the other day. He said that in September 8 we will celebrate the birthday of Mama Mary and then come October and it’s already the month of the Holy Rosary. The moment it ends we will remember our departed loved ones on November 1 and by the end of November we will celebrate Christ the King. And then, it’s already the first week of Advent. It’s Christmas season already. My favorite time of the year!

Actually August was pretty ~meh~ but we have to find happiness in the most little of things I believe. So here I am celebrating my very mundane life! Yuhoo!

1. Virtual Friends

I am fortunate enough to come across blogs and Instagram accounts being run by fellow Filipinos. I’ve never been someone who’s good at initiating friendships because I’m shy and anxious and I feel like no one’s really bothering with what I write or what I do. So it’s really nice that people actually extend their greetings and comments on my posts. Some people even send me DMs and asks me to teach them a thing or two in watercolor painting. I’m no expert so it’s double the kilig. The support I got when I posted about the reasons why I quit my job was immensely helpful. I cannot express how those thoughts mean to me. It’s really nice to know people (even just in the virtual world) who understands and appreciates the things you do. And whom you can actually talk to. I guess the semi-anonymity helps. It’s really easier to open up to people who knows nothing about you or has no prejudice or some sort of preconceived notion towards you. I mean, you guys are practically strangers and I don’t mind sharing my thoughts with you because I feel like I don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectation. I am still working on my social skills though so please bear with me guys. Pero I’m telling you, I’m makulit pag nagtagal. Hiya palang ako.

2. Rediscovering “Busted”

I was watching the “Let’s Jam” video by Tom Fearon where he was just basically jamming to songs that was requested to him via Twitter (his dance moves are too funny because I feel like I dance that way too when I’m jamming to songs in my room) AND his last song to jam to was this song by Busted called “Year 3000“. A blast from the past. Haven’t heard that song in a while. And apparently, Busted reunited and started touring recently. How cool is that?

Anyhoo, I love watching Tom’s videos because he loves Ed Sheeran and I get to discover new songs from his Music of the Month videos. Love you Tom!

3. In a Heartbeat “a Short Film”

I saw this short animated film that is a representation for the LGBTQ family and it’s such a precious, precious thing. I can’t believe how a four minute video (without dialogues) can be so powerful. It’s the cutest thing. But it’s also very honest and real.

Here’s the link to the video: In a Heartbeat

4. Gift of Tears

It was the second Wednesday of the month. I was doing my usual Novena to OMPH and when they read the Thanksgiving letter my eyes started to water. Fast forward to the Homily and my tears were really just gushing out of my eyes. I could not control it. And it was not even the kind that is a “hagulhol” cry. Tears were just really pouring down my face. Like I’m poker face because I was just listening to the priest and I have no reason to cry but fat tears were rolling down my cheeks. My hanky got so wet that morning because I was crying until the final blessing. I’ve only ever experienced that kind of crying before during Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines back in 2015. (Yung kahit sa TV mo lang sya nakikita naiiyak ka na. Pero huy nakita ko sya irl! 😍 #BlessedByThePope) The other time I experienced legit crying na ayaw tumigil talaga was during a Healing Mass in National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus back in October 24, 2014. I felt so connected to God that time. Ramdam na ramdam ko yung yakap ni God nun.

Aaah! Such a wonderful feeling. I felt so blessed and cleansed. I needed that and God knows that.

5. The Walking Dead Series

Ha! I’m so late but in my defense, when this show hit the tv screens I was busy forging my way out of the hellhole called College. I don’t know why I started to get hooked to the show now being the scaredy cat that I am but I am really enjoying the suspense and thrill it brings. And it’s not all suspense and gore and gulat-scenes, it actually has a story. I’m so so so sad for the kids. Especially the two kids Lizzie and Mika from Season Four. The way that cruel and twisted world affected their psychological being. They were so young. They didn’t deserve to be exposed to that kind of world. Anyhoo, if ever a Zombie Apocalypse happens I would just probably let myself get bitten by Zombies so I wouldn’t have to think about survival. My father is with me in this thought. He thinks it’s the practical choice. Hahaha. Or maybe I’ll just off myself. But I’m a coward so I can’t do that. I have no survival skills whatsoever to begin with, so even if zombies never get me I’ll die anyway. Haha.

6. David Archuleta’s New EP “Leo”

I have never mentioned it before in here but I’m revealing it now. I’m a die-hard fan of David Archuleta. I was a fan of the show “American Idol” (until Season 9) but I have never loved any other contender in the show as much as I have loved David Archie. I have watched every episode (do you call that episode if it’s a reality show?) of Season 7 because of him. And people may not believe it but the moment I saw him in his audition, I knew that he was gonna make it to the Top 12. I usually have good hunches. 😎 Honestly I don’t mind  those people who judge me because of my love for Archie. Our whole house loves him so haters gonna hate. David Archuleta has the support of my whole fam! Ha! Take that!

Soooooo about that EP. (Daming daldal eh!) He released it on August 25 and it is love. My favorite is “Someone to Love” because it sounded really different. It sounds so chill. I love love love the “oooh hooo” in the chorus. I love the vibe of that song. If you love David Archuleta like I do or at least know a few of his songs, you will easily hear that every song in this EP actually sounded different. For me it is refreshing to hear his new explorations when it comes to his music. It’s proof that he continues to grow as an artist. And I love that he remains to be the most humble human being on Earth. Can’t wait for his new full album!

(Maisingit lang: His “Orion” EP was released two days before my birthday last May. That was his first EP after he came back fom his mission last 2014. Early pabirthday. Wala eh. May connection talaga kami ni Archie. 😍)

7. Books on Sale

Due to seven months of unemployment I am practically broke. So I never really bring myself to National Bookstore because it’s such a pain when you see books that you want to buy but cannot. When I need my fix though (parang kape lang), I just go to BookSale because it caters more to my budget. But, twice this month I actually entered National Bookstore and twice I was able to score some really good finds (or maybe just one good find actually). I got myself “This Song Will Save Your Life” by Leila Sales (book review soon) and “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green (yung pag-uwi ko saka ko nalang napansin Tagalog version pala yung nabili ko!!! Tungunu! Shunga-shunga eh. Di nagbabasa. Masyadong naexcite 😭).

8. Pretty Sunsets

Ah. Now you have probably seen my post Pastel and Fire which is a photodump of pretty sunsets I’ve witness on the month August. I’ve seen a couple more beautiful sunsets this month but decided to just soak it up and not take photos of it. Sometimes, it is better to just enjoy the moment instead of capturing it.

My social life this August was pretty much close to nil partly because it was my choice and partly because everyone else is so busy with work and life. The only time my closest friends and I have seen each other during August was when our friend Rogelio Rogelio Rogelio got hospitalized (dengue is back guys, iwas kayo sa lamok). But I’m pretty much fine with this break from socializing. I enjoy my solitude too much  that it’s actually kinda scary.

How was your August guys? Hope you had a better one.

23 thoughts on “What Made My Month (August 2017)”

  1. I love Year 3000! I love drumming with my imaginary drums with its beat. I also love the short film In A Heartbeat! I was scrolling thru my dashboard when I saw it and the next thing I knew I was in tears but I felt happy. August isn’t that good but I can’t say it’s bad either. Here’s to better months ahead πŸŽ‰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post!

    I’m glad you finally experienced crying again for just the second time in your whole life. I bet it felt amazing to finally let it all out!

    Don’t tell anyone but I’ve never watched any of the Walking Dead episodes either and I have said that I’d do the same if I were caught in a zombie apocalypse. πŸ˜‚

    Also, no shame in being a fan David Archuleta! I remember watching him when he was on American Idol and I always thought he was super talented. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bwiset ‘yung Tagalog version ng An Abundance of Katherines! Natawa ako hahaha. May Filipino version ba ang title? Ang Daming Katherine? Ang Paglago ng mga Katherine? Ang Taba ni Katherine? Hahaha.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the year! Laging mag-off lotion para iwas dengue. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Haha. Buti na nga lang po di tinagalog yung title. Maiiyak ako kung ganon. Pero yun yung dahilan kung bakit di ko napansin na tagalog version sya. Pisti. May nakalagay lang na maliit na “Filipino Version” sa side. Napakadaya.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha. Kung babasahin mo, update mo naman kami after. Baka magka-insight ka on how helpful translation is in making foreign literature seem more accessible to the Tagalog-reading audience. Ang initial hula ko ay it doesn’t help at all because the people interested in John Green are already capable in reading/appreciating English anyway. Pero you know, baka lang may wisdom kang mahita d’yan sa Ang Taba ni Katherine haha. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Panalo yung Ang Taba ni Katherine. Hahaha. Try ko po syang basahin. Pero baka pag nabasa ko na yung original version. Baka kasi di ko maappreciate yung kwento pag eto binasa ko. Haha. Synopsis palang sa likod naloloka na ko.

        “Sa isang roadtrip na milya-milya ang layo sa kanyang tahanan, mapapadpad itong adik-sa-anagram at laos na child prodigy sa isang adventure, baon sa bulsa ang sampung libong dolyar, at kabuntot ang isang mabangis na baboy-damo at overweight niyang best friend – pero walang mga Katherine.”

        Anuna! Hahaha.

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  4. “I don’t mind sharing my thoughts with you because I feel like I don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectation.” Sobrang true neto. Tapos alam mo pang open-minded ‘yung mga tao dito kaya wapakels kasi alam mo namang tanggap and maiintindihan ka nila. πŸ™‚

    Napanood ko last night ‘yung In A Heartbeat tapos nabasa ko napanood mo rin! Ang cute ‘no? Tuwang tuwa ako dun sa puso. Huhu

    Last, natapos mo ba ‘yung Abundance of Katherine? Hahaha. Pa’no ‘yung mga Math equation ‘diba puro Math ‘yan? Tagalog din ba? Hahahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totoo. Kaya nakakatuwa dito ih. Buti na nga lang din hindi meshedong mahilig magbasa yung mga kakilala ko kahit alam nila ‘tong blog na ‘to kaya kebs lang sa ngayon kung anong maipost. Haha.

      Di ko masimulan yung Abundance of Katherines. Natatakot ako. Hahaha. Baka masira si John Green saken. Haha.


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