Pastel and Fire

I used to say that I like sunrises more than sunsets. And it is because of my thinking that sunrise perfectly depicts my belief in new beginnings. That no matter how bad today is, no matter how dark everything seems to be, tomorrow will be another day. One of my favorite lines from a song is even about sunrise/ dawn. 

“It’s always darkest before the dawn.” – Florence + the Machine (Shake It Out)

Then, when I was in College, I met a girl who was obsessed with sunsets (she still is). Especially the orange-y ones, the kind that makes it seem that the sky is on fire. Personally, I prefer the pastel-colored sky. But I cannot help but be awed by fiery skies too.

When we were reviewing for the Board Exam back in 2014, we would even sometimes go to MOA just so she can catch the sunset by the bay. Mind you, we lived in Sampaloc that time. Later on, it also grew on me. I started chasing sunsets too. I would throw everything away just so I can watch a beautiful sunset.

Last August 10 and 11, we had two consecutive afternoons with wonderful sunsets. And I’m going to share with you guys the many photos I took. The first batch was taken on August 10. I was doing my Thursday Novena when I noticed my favorite pastel-colored sky. I had to continue my Novena outside so I can watch the sky and take snaps of it. (I really am sorry St. Jude!)

So pretty, right?

And now, these are the photos of the August 11 sunset by our balcony which I watched with my father.

Ah! What a way to end the day. Just watching the sky change its colors. I will always love sunrises but I think I’m inlove with sunsets more now. They are proof that endings can be beautiful too.

Seriously, I’m obsessed with my camera roll right now. And I’m being honest with you guys by saying that I did not use any filter in these photos. The sky was just naturally gorgeous.

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