If you have read my post “25 Things To Do Before Turning 25”, you would know that one of my goals is to make a self-portrait. And last night, I finally crossed that one out. Yay! Like I said in that post it’s not for narcissistic pursuits. I just have a feeling that making self-portraits can be self-revelatory.


Anyhoo. Me, making a self-portrait is an attempt to know myself a little bit deeper. But to be honest, painting myself was pretty anti-climactic. There was no revelation. No epiphany of any kind. And as someone who is not a fan of taking selfies or even looking at herself in the mirror, it’s kinda cringe-y to repeatedly look at yourself to get most of the details right and recreate yourself on a piece of paper. But if there is something I learned, it is to accept your flaws. I do not have the prettiest eyes, or even a nice nose at the very least. My eyebrows are not “kilay goals”. But after the whole shebang, it’s nice to look past the details and just know that these are parts of your body that makes you who you are.

You know what’s weird. For something I get to look at everyday and for something that’s actually attached to my neck all my life, I realized that I’m so unfamiliar with my face.  I was like, “Oh that’s how my eyes look like pala” or “Luh! Grabe ang pango ko nga pala.” Lol! It was fun nevertheless.

Also, they said that the best way to make a self portrait is to not do it by using photo reference. (Guilty on this.) One should try to do it from life. I guess I’ll try to do that next time. No matter how weirder that would be.

And yes, I tried to chanel my inner Agnes Cecile in here. Huhu. She is goals.

20 thoughts on “Self-Portrait”

    1. Uy hello. Thank you! Haha! Busy ako sa pag backread sa blog mo. Nagko comment ako pero ayaw pumasok. Jirits! Hahahaha. Hello hello future arki! šŸ¤—


      1. Hahahaha salamat po sa pagbisita sa blog ko :))) nandun na po yung comment nyo naapprove na hehe. Laban para yunh future arki, Arki na lang someday yey hahaha

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