I Saw My Future

I was way too early for the screening of “Kita-Kita” a few weeks ago when I decided to just walk around the mall for a bit. I already bought a ticket and I have no one with me so where else are you going to find a bookworm like me? Yep! You got that right. You’re always going to find me inside of a book store, be it BookSale or National Bookstore.

So I really have no plans on buying a book that time (because I’m broke af) but just being inside a bookstore felt nice. It’s my happy place. Just being surrounded by books, knowing that there’s so many stories that I still have to read makes my heart so happy. And maybe I can’t read them all right now but I know one day I will.

I was just lurking around, looking at the shelves when I saw this book by Lemony Snicket called “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. And just like that I was reminded by that old story I was trying to write (when I was in College) about two people whose lives continuously intersect through a series of unfortunate events. I was planning to give it the title “A Series of Unfortunate Events” but then, while doing my usual rounds at NBS I saw THIS certain book which holds the title of MY story. I felt robbed. I felt so robbed that I threw away the idea altogether and never went back to writing that story ever again. I know. So dramatic! But that’s me. Haha.


So I continued walking around, browsing interesting titles, reading synopses at the back covers of the books, when this old woman came inside.

I don’t know why I was hyper aware of what was happening around me that time (I’m usually spaced out) but I saw her the moment she stepped inside the store. The salesperson immediately greeted her and they fell into a seamless conversation. Apparently, the old woman was looking for a book and asked for the help of the salesperson to reserve it for her if it ever came in the delivery.

I was watching her for a few good minutes as she diligently looked through the shelves and shelves of books around us when I had this thought,

“That’s me in a few decades.”

(If I will be fortunate enough to reach her age.)

Seeing her felt like I had a glimpse into my future. Still lurking on bookstores, being friends with the salesperson and still looking for more books to read. And that is not such a bad future. To think that I’m still in love with books in the future is a very comforting thought. Actually, now that I think about it, if you fall in love with books… is there any way back? Can you fall out of love with books? I think not.


If that scene is what’s instore for my future, I really can’t wait to get there. I know, I have very simple dreams. I just want a future where I am nothing but comfy. Maybe just throw in some knitting needles and yarns and some canvas and paints and it will be an even better future.

But just so you know, I still ended up leaving the bookstore with my bag a little bit heavier, my wallet a little bit lighter but my heart a little bit fuller.

Typical bookworm that I am.


10 thoughts on “I Saw My Future”

  1. This is beautifull written! ❤️ I’m a bookworm too! And the fact when we go to bookstores and just see books it’s soothing right? I mean like it relaxes us and just makes us to buy those books and read! Oh and I watched Kita Kita and the movie was really nice and beautifully made and written. In fact, I even cried on the last part. Lol😂😂 Hoping you have a nice day 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you. Books and bookstores are everything! I cried when I was watching Kita Kita too. The kind that I didn’t know I was already crying. Tears just started streaming down my face. It was different and beautiful. 😭 Have a great day too!

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  2. I can relate to this too much. “But just so you know, I still ended up leaving the bookstore with my bag a little bit heavier, my wallet a little bit lighter but my heart a little bit fuller.” is me. lol My friends drag me from bookstores sometimes. (Some of them have their bags heavier and wallets lighter with me).
    I can also relate when you said you just want a comfy future. I’ve always been working towards that comfy future since I was a senior in high school. It’s been a crazy ride since then though. ^^’

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    1. Haha. I guess that is something that every bookworms will find relateable. Being broke from buying too many books. Lol! Goodluck to both of us in having that comfy future! And hi!! 🤗

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  3. I think I see myself in that woman, too. I have been asked by someone once and it made me think somehow, thought I’d just share it here. The question was, “do you think you’ll still be reading the same genre (young adult) when youre older?” Nung una, sabi ko, oo? Siguro. Pero now, I notice na nag-iiba rin talaga view ko sa Young Adult. Like minsan, kapag medyo the usual na yung kwento, di ko na binabasa or binibili. Unlike noon na go lang ng go. Hahaha wala lang. Nashare ko lang. 😂

    I cried on the ending of Kita Kita, too, btw! Ganda ‘no?

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    1. Minsan kasi talaga parang parepareho nalang yung plot nung mga YA no. Predictable na yung story. Huhu. Ganda ng Kita Kita. Nagbalik yung tiwala ko that we can make really good local films.

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