Art Dump: July 2017

Time for another Art Dump! Yay! I’m so happy because I have painted a lot in July. If you haven’t seen it yet, I also made an Art Dump for the month of June. Check it out here.

July happened to be the month when I found out about World Watercolor Month. It encourages watercolorists from all over the world to create more artworks and share it to everyone. There are also optional prompts posted by Charlie O’Shields who is also the founder of World Watercolor Month (July) on his Instagram account @doodlewashed and his blog for everyone to use. I did not use the prompts though because I found out about it on the second day of July. I just painted what I usually paint and still joined the fun. So if you want to see more watercolor artworks from different artists and artist-wannabes like me just search for the hashtag #worldwatercolormonth on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll find something you would love in there. And also I found out that they host challenges every month. I’m late again for August. Lol! So in case you are interested to join for the next months to come check it out here.

And so without further ado, here’s the bunch of paintings I made for the month of July.IMG_20170702_092238_704-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada is my favorite blogger and my favorite subject. I tried painting her thrice already and she liked all of them. Huhu. She’s so kind.

Tricia Gosingtian: Blog InstagramIMG_20170718_142358_649-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x12″) | Watercolor: Prang

Hans Hubberman of The Book Thief. I was reading a lot about the second world war when I decided that I want to watch The Book Thief again. Still beautiful. The movie actually did the book justice. And because Hans was my favorite character I tried to paint him. Oh the tears I cried when Hans broke down on Rosa. My heart!IMG_20170709_115426_484-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

My attempt at loose watercolor painting. I don’t really like this one but it’s all part of the learning process. Not every single artwork you will make would end up looking awesome. Very few pieces would actually look great. So don’t get frustrated so easily. Don’t be so hard on yourself. #notetoselfIMG_20170706_104050_931-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Gabbi Garcia is really one of my favorite Filipina faces. She is so pretty. Plus she is such a talented girl. She can act, she can sing and she’s a licensed scuba diver. And apparently, this was my most liked painting on my IG on the month of July. Cool.

Gabbi Garcia: InstagramIMG_20170707_163918_463-01Paper: Arches Hot Pressed 300gsm | Watercolor: Prang

Connor Franta is one of my favorite Youtubers. He is a lovely human. I also love his book A Work in Progress and I can’t wait to get my hands on his second book “Note To Self” but I have to save up first.

Anyway, this was my first try on some Arches Paper. I got my Arches Journal from Half Pan PH by Mercedes Ramsay (IG: @halfpanph). They provide half pans and tin cases for watercolours but from time to time they also offer Arches Journals, mostly Cold Pressed, but I got mine in Hot Pressed and I love it.

Connor Franta: YouTube | InstagramIMG_20170708_133502_043-01Paper: Arches Hot Pressed 300gsm | Watercolor: Prang

Second try with my Arches Journal. I struggled with it. I’m not used with paper made of cotton so I didn’t know how to tackle it. Hee.IMG_20170710_163725_245-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Gloria Romero. This one is already reserved for a client. I was not planning on selling this but Sir was such a fan of Ms. Gloria Romero and if I ever wanted anyone to get ahold of my works, it would be people who actually appreciates it. So I decided, why not?IMG_20170713_111450_859-01Paper: Canson Montval 300gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

First time to paint using such bold colors. And surprisingly I liked it! I’m hoping that one day I would be able to make original concept watercolor paintings in the likes of this one.IMG_20170715_093300_260-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x12″) | Watercolor: Prang

“Maria the Artist”

This was my entry for the Redraw The Balance Contest hosted by Art Whale Creative Supplies. I know I would not win the contest because I’ve seen other people’s entries and they looked awesome but I just really wanted to support the cause. I love how its aim is to empower women even more. That women can shape the world in their own way. That women can be whoever they want to be. Check out their Instagram or Facebook Page to see the works of the winners. They are so good.

ArtWhale PH: Website | InstagramIMG_20170718_095322_067-01Paper: Arches Hot Pressed 300gsm | Watercolor: Prang

I was browsing Derrick Freske’s account when I stumbled upon this photo of Sean O’Donnell. I had no idea who Sean O’Donnell was but I thought the photo looked so awesome. Apparently he is an actor. Anyway, Derrick liked it. 😍

Sean O’Donnell: Instagram | Derrick Freske: InstagramIMG_20170721_082920_639-01Paper: Arches Hot Pressed 300gsm | Watercolor: Prang

My July obsession was Brandon Woelfel, Derrick Freske and my subject this time, Jerry Maestas. Crazy good photographers who are very photogenic as well. Such a joy to paint Jerry. And he liked it. He thought I was amazing. I spazzed the whole day because of that.

I’m really in love with Arches Paper too. It’s perfect for what I am trying to achieve in watercolors.

Jerry Maestas: Youtube | InstagramIMG_20170722_162734_836-01Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x12″) | Watercolor: Prang

The world was shocked with the news of Chester Bennington’s death. So I made a tribute for him. It’s not for the hype. I grew up listening to their songs. I grew up trying to memorize Mike Shinoda’s rap in In the End but ends up just singing along to Chester’s part. He’s such a big loss to the music industry. Paper: Arches Hot Pressed 300gsm | Watercolor: Prang

An attempt to paint low key. Not really good because I’m still learning but, BUT the subject Derrick Freske LOVED it. I died a little when I saw his comment on my post. He even shared it on his Story.

Derrick Freske: Instagram

I still don’t know how to properly digress but that’s July for me. In the Art sense of things. If you haven’t yet, please folow my Instagram Account (@artsyfartsylulu). Thank you so much and see you on my next  Art Dump post!

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