D.I.Y Room Banner: Tutorial

I wanted to take a day off from painting the other day but my hands were itching to do something so I decided to spice up my room a little. I am basically living in the confines of my bedroom so why not make it look aesthetically pleasing, right? I was browsing Pinterest on Room Decor inspirations when I saw photos of some really nice room banners. Unfortunately, I do not have the burlap cloth which I really like and I do not have any nice stick and stuffs. But I was determined to do something that day and so I decided to just be resourceful and I guess my impulsiveness did not disappoint me this time. I feel like my effort was not wasted. It’s not the best and it’s far from perfect but I really like how everything turned out.

So this is how I made my lovely room banner. It is lovely in my opinion.


1. Canvas Cloth2. Scissors3. Reeves Acrylic Paint (Mars Black)4. Paint Brush5. Glue Gun and Stick6. Jute String


Cutting my Banners

Depending on what you want to achieve, make some measurements on the cloth that you have. On my “be kind” banner, I actually just folded my cloth and directly cut it into a rectangular shape. Easy peasy. Plus, the impulsive and impatient me wants to see results immediately and I would not be bothered by rulers and stuffs. Hee.

As per my triangular banners, I actually took my time on this. (I didn’t took photos while I was making it because I was not planning to make a blog post at first. I just remade the process on some paper instead.)Basically, I just measured four 4″x4″ squares side by side which I then bisected so I could make the triangles. I needed 7 triangles because my name is a seven letter word. Four squares instantly make seven triangles. Geometry is so cool. Anyhoo, after that I just snipped away. *snip snip*I forgot, I added at least half an inch of excess cloth on top of the triangle so I would be able to attach it to the string.

Tracing the Pattern on my Banners

Using your trusted pencil start to draw/ sketch/ write how you want the letters on your banner to look like to serve as guide. I suggest that you make some drafts on paper first before you transfer it on your cloth to save yourself the hassle of trying to get things right.

Painting my Banners

Once you finished tracing your pattern you can now grab your paint and paintbrush and be the Picasso that you have always wanted to be. I used the acrylic paint directly from the tube and did not use any medium.

Hanging my Banners

I got my jute strings from Japan Homes ages ago and I finally found a way to use it. Yay. I attached the cloth by rolling the edges around the string and fixed it with some glue stick and glue gun. After that, my banners were ready to be hanged.Tadaaaaah!Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetHonestly… you can use different cloths, you can even use paper, you can use different strings or ribbons to make a room banner. It is something that you can just wing around and it will still look great. Plus it’s easy to do.

So there goes my tutorial for a d.i.y room banner. Let me know what you think about it.

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