Art Dump: June 2017

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For those who didn’t know (which is probably most of you), I am an art enthusiast. I love looking at beautiful things. I love watching the sky as it changes colors. I love sunsets. I love movies. I love music. I love a lot of things. I remember one time in College when my classmate caught me staring at this tree trunk and asked me why I was staring at it. I told her I was fascinated at the texture of the trunk and the different colors that a tiny patch of the tree trunk has. Guess what she did. She laughed at me.

Say what. I’m a weird kid.

Also, I am a watercolorist. I have started to dabble in the craft on year 2013 but never got the chance to fully engaged myself in it until very recently. And I mean March this year.

So here are a bunch of photos of things or more like portraits of people I drew/ sketched/ painted on the month of June. These are basically stuffs I have posted on my Instagram account (@artsyfartsylulu).

Enjoy scrolling down! Please don’t mind my babbles about the people I painted.

A couple of pages from my sketchbook. I was on a rut on the latter part of May onto the early parts of June and I was just studying faces and figures just to keep my hands working. Also, I was hoping that it will stimulate my mind.

Paper: the wrong side of Canson 200gsm (7″x10″) | Watercolor: Prang

An attempt at getting out of the creative rut. I am so afraid of using unrealistic colors for the skin. Experimenting is nice though. And yes, I used the smooth side of the paper. Experimenting.

Paper: Corona Watercolor Paper 190gsm (9″x12″) | Medium: Staedler 4B and 6B

I was reading random facts on the Internet when I came across this one fact that Albert Einstein’s last words died with him because the nurse on his bedside did not speak German. I don’t know what’s important with knowing people’s last words. I don’t get the fascination in it. But oh well, to each his own. What really surprised me about that fact is that Albert Einstein was German. I am a 24-year old graduate of Bachelor of Science and I only found out that he was German. I don’t know, I never really bothered before. I just always assumed he was an American or maybe an English man. I’m very sorry Sir. So after reading more about Sir Albert Einstein, I decided to draw him. Graphite drawing has always been my first love and I will always go back to it.

Paper: Canson Montval 300gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Okay, who’s not inlove with these two? Fight me! Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West are from this really talented duo called Oh Wonder (IG: @ohwondermusic). Their songs are crazy good. My personal favorites are Without You, Ultralife, Landslide, Lifetimes, Drive, and their recent release High On Humans. But honestly, all of their songs are great. They are my favorite musicians at the moment. They are having a concert in Manila this July and the day I painted this was the day I accepted the fact that I would not be able to watch them. Excuse me while I cry in a corner.


Paper: Canson Montval 300gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Bence Peter. Peter Bence. Which one is his first name? (IG: @bencepetermusic)

I’ve been obsessed with this young Hungarian pianist ever since I came across his video on Facebook where he was playing an original piece on a muted piano at this certain train station. It was not the first video of him that I saw, I believe what brought me to his page is his video playing a Sia Medley which was awesome. But his train station video was what got me obsessed over him. I watched it over and over again. He’s such a talented human. He’s about to release an album soon. I am so excited to hear more from him. I suggest you listen to his arrangement of Human Nature by Michael Jackson and The Greatest by Sia. Those are my absolute favorites. And also Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

Fact: He is the reason why I went back to painting. I so wanted to paint him. This is my second painting of him and before that, I made two graphite drawings of him. Oh no, no, no! I’m not obsessed. I really am not. 🙅 Haha! Okay, maybe I am. A little?


Paper: Canson Montval 300gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Tyler Oakley (IG: @tyleroakley). Is there any internet people out there who doesn’t know this beautiful human being? I think not. This YouTuber is an inspiration to all. He is lovely.


Paper: Canson Montval 300gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Lewis Watson (IG: @levvis). Why are English musicians so good at their craft but get so little attention? I remember coming across his song Into the Wild in early 2014 and I.FELL.IN.LOVE with it. It has become one of my all-time favorite songs ever since. I will never not swoon to that song. My current favorite song from him is from his new album “Midnight” and it’s called Forever.



Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

Queen Sung Kyung (IG: @heybiblee). I made a graphite drawing of her before. But I just had bought a new watercolor paper and I wanted to try it and I have always wanted to try to paint her and so I did. Any fans of WFKBJ out there?


Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

For a change I decided to paint someone I know from real life, my friend Angelin (IG: @geliiiiiiiin). She’s been travelling a lot and she has nice photos. I swear, it’s weird painting people you actually know. Like really weird.


Paper: Fabriano 200gsm (9″x6″) | Watercolor: Prang

The gorgeous Liza Soberano (IG: @lizasoberano). Why is this girl so pretty? I can’t even. She’s like everyone’s crush. And I mean everyone. And she’s so young but she already has a promising career laid out in front of her because she is such a talented woman.

I don’t know how to digress but that’s it for June. I’ve been forcing myself to paint more this July and maybe I’ll make another Art Dump post for July? I guess, I should have talked more about my painting process or maybe about the different papers I used but I’m not very articulate about those things. And I’m not an expert. Huhu. Besides the materials I used are not artist’s grade so I bet no one would really bother with it. Hee.

Anyway, in case you guys want to see more of what I do, check out my Instagram (@artsyfartsylulu). I’m posting new artwork like every other day. Depends on the flow of my creative juices. Check it out. Shameless plugging here. 😉

I’ve left the link to the accounts of the beautiful human beings I painted right below their pieces in case you want to check them out too. Listen to Oh Wonder. Listen to Lewis Watson. Listen to Bence Peter. Watch Tyler Oakley. Support these talented people!

I’m such a fangirl.

9 thoughts on “Art Dump: June 2017”

  1. I love it!!! I wish I can sketch as good as you! Also, upgrade mo na yung Prang soon. I bet mas maeenjoy mo with a more pigmented watercolor. Though Prang is really good pero for you, you’re soooo goooooooood with your art kaya you deserve an upgrade with the watercolor talaga hihihi ❤ I don't paint too well kaya I don't think I deserve my paints pero tinatry ko pa rin maging magaling (with no luck huhu haha)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m trying Enon’s! Grabe sobrang hirap ako hahahaha dami kong hanash HAHAHAH never ko nagawa yung like sakanya pero trying hard talaga ako now hahahahahaah

        Liked by 1 person

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