25 Things To Do Before Turning 25

Don’t we all have goals we want to achieve in life at a certain age? I myself have very definitive goals for when I turn 27 and 30. Just thinking about those goals really brings a rush to my very being. It totally excites me. But thinking about them also makes me question myself as to how I would actually get to achieve them.It has not been a week since I turned 24 and I am excited about the year ahead of me but I am also kind of panicking because 24 freaking years have already passed! Where exactly did the time go? I have so much things I wanted to do which I haven’t done yet and time is kind of running out. I mean, yeah, twenty four is still pretty young but who knows if I will be alive tomorrow, right? I’m not trying to be morbid here, I’m just being real. Will I even live to see myself turn to a quarter of a century? We’ll never know right? But that doesn’t mean you cannot have plans or goals or dreams about life. So I decided that I wanted to make a list. A list of things I want to do, places I want to visit, and people I want to meet.

I was originally planning to make a list and make a dream board of my “life goals” (travel Europe, visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, watch Bence Peter play the piano on the flesh, get my own place and the likes) but I realized, I don’t even have a job right now. How can I achieve those goals? And so I thought, why not go for short term goals first? Like maybe try being a morning person first you know. Let’s start small, self, why don’t we.

I have to say though that making this list was not easy. You’re probably like, “what’s hard with writing down the things that you want to do?” It’s easy to dream, fun even, but I had to choose achievable but still kind of challenging dreams to write in here in the hopes that before I actually turn 25 I have already achieved them. Besides I only have a year to fulfill them. Achieving these short-term goals will also serve as a push from myself to start forging my own path now and start doing things because my life has literally no direction right now.

*cough* bum life *cough*

So here we go.

Note: This is pretty much a self-serving post as this is kind of my “bucketlist” but feel free to read and maybe get inspired to do something like this too? Actually you can try doing most of the things in this list too. Just remember that you don’t have to be at a certain age to set goals for yourself. You can do it anytime you want 🙂

1. Get a Job

I quit my job that was really taking its toll on my mental health a few months ago. And I am now very much enjoying my career break by exploring my interest and improving my art. But it’s been four months and I seriously need to take job searching seriously. Can’t live my dreams if I don’t work hard right?

2. Visit the National Museum of the Philippines

I haven’t been there. And I so wanted to. Taking a few hours of your time exposing yourself to Art and Culture is not such a bad idea right? My friends and I have been planning to visit the place for more than a year already. I actually don’t know why we can’t cross this out on our “Ate Girl’s List” yet. The list is not actually a thing, it does not physically exist (it’s written on our brains) but we have been planning quite a number of things to do together and I think we can actually make a pretty long list already.

3. Travel Abroad

My friends (the same set of friends above and the same set of friends I will be pertaining to all throughout this post) and I were planning on a trip abroad next year and I’m crossing my fingers that it will actually happen. Fervently praying for it.

4. Add Php 20000 to my savings

Gotta save up for the future. I know. I know it’s not much but I’m trying to be realistic here because I have other goals on this list that involves spending money. The thing is I don’t want to withdraw anything I have deposited and will ever deposit in my savings account so yeah. I’m glad though that I was able to open up a savings account last year. My only problem now is keeping up with adding more to it.

5. Buy a laptop or camera

I’m not quite sure which one I like better. I honestly want to get myself a laptop because I want to hone my rusty (almost non-existent) skills in AutoCAD so I can finally design my dream home. But if we are to travel soon I think I’d like a nice camera to bring with me.

6. Dye my hair

I have never tried dyeing my hair ever. I think it’d be a nice change. And maybe I could get a bold haircut too?

7. Learn to cook at least one meal

I can’t cook. Period. So it’ll be such a milestone to actually learn at least one meal to cook. My mother would be proud. She’s been trying to make me cook for the past few months already.

8. Be more proactive

If Harry Potter is Dumbledore’s man through and through, I am a procrastinator through and through. I would procrastinate eating. I would procrastinate reading books. I would procrastinate making art. I would even procrastinate finishing this post. And I hate myself for that. I think being proactive will help me so much in life.

9. Attend the first mass

I don’t know why but I always liked attending the last mass. My former coworker told me though that attending the first mass is really nice. You’ll have so much time in your hands afterwards. Thus, more things to be done.

10. Visit St. Jude Shrine, Baclaran Church and Quiapo Church

I miss them. I used to go to these churches every week back then. They have become such a huge part of my life and my faith. They are home.

11. Paint a fairly huge painting

Or a mural. It’s intimidating as hell. So it will be like a courage test for me as well.

12. Read 12 new books

This isn’t so hard actually because I’m a bookworm but you’ll never know what’s instore in this life especially now that I’m focusing more on my art.

13. Get myself a Winsor and Newton Watercolour

Because art.

14. Go to a concert

Or any music festival at that. Musical gatherings are such nice events. It’s an open celebration where anyone, and I mean anyone, can enjoy.

15. Write regularly on my journal

If you have ever tried keeping a journal you’ll know how much of a hard work it is. Or maybe I’m just lazy. But seriously it takes a lot of self discipline to stick with this commitment.

16. Write more blog posts

Who said blogging is easy? Who said writing is easy? Who said creating content is easy?

17. Get drunk once

Believe it or not, I have never been drunk in my 24 years of existence. I mean I have tried drinking but even my friends and coworkers know that I’m not a drinker so they have never forced me to drink too much or anything when I’m with them. I have really nice people around me. But yeah, I don’t know what kind of drunk I am and I am very much curious about it.

18. Watch Twice videos

My friends have been bugging me for weeks… err… months to watch this Korean girl group and I can’t bring myself to watch them for some reason. But they love Twice. So much. That they already forced me to listen to some of their songs. Lol! (Cheerop beybe?)

19. Make a self-portrait

Cringe alert! But I swear it is not for narcissistic pursuits. I don’t really like looking at my face but maybe I’ll discover some revelations about myself if I try. I think making self-portraits is being honest with oneself. Because you have to show other people how you actually see yourself with it.

20. Let go more

I’m uptight. I’m overly self-conscious. I think so much about how other people perceive me. I think I just need to let go of my inhibitions.

21. Read more about WWII

I have this certain fascination about it. I’ve never been a history buff but WWII is really something. Maybe I lived during that time in my past life?

22. Improve posture

I have the worst posture. Always slouching. I’m actually slouching while typing this. It’s an unconcious thing.

23. Treat my friends

My yamanin friends almost always end up treating me when we go out. Even back when I still have work. I have generous friends. I’d very much like to pay them back one day.

24. Buy that pepper spray

I’ve been telling myself for so long already to get myself a pepper spray that I could easily stash in my bag and bring anywhere I go because the world can be a nasty place. There are a lot of lovely people out there but safety first guys and girls.

25. Fall in love… with life

The idea of falling in love with another being is not a repulsing idea and I’m not closing any doors for that but I believe that it is something that you cannot plan on doing. It is something that just happens. If you’re lucky it may happen at the right time with the right person. Sometimes it happens for you to learn something and maybe it’s the wrong time or the wrong person and it will hurt. But ever heard of the saying “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?” Me and my beliefs. But living life more and falling in love with every minute of it is something anyone can do. And that’s what I plan to do. Live life more. Love life more.

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