The Moffatts Live in Manila 2017

Canadian Pop/ Rock Band “The Moffatts” have once again stole the hearts of the Filipinos as they held their concert in Araneta Coliseum last February 18 as part of their Farewell Tour.


I cannot actually claim to be one of their BIGGEST fans because I know other people who are literally obsessed with them since 1998 BUT I am a fan of them. A big fan of them just not the biggest. I was very young when they started stealing the limelight in the late 1990’s to 2000 but I have older sisters who were teenagers at that time (and were so very in love with them) so I did grew up listening and falling in love with their songs. When they came here in the Philippines on year 2000 I was only 7 years old. But hail to cassette tapes and song hits! I even used to read newspaper clippings which my sister have painstakingly collected back then. So if there’s anyone whom I can call as their biggest fan, it’s probably my sister.

So back to the concert.

A month or maybe a couple of months before their said concert, my sister and I already had an agreement that we would be watching it. For some totally weird reason we were not able to buy tickets beforehand but lay it all on good luck to be able to buy tickets on the day of the concert itself.


And good luck was on our side because we were able to get VIP seat tickets that day. Had we been doomed to not get any ticket at all I would probably cry for years. And my sister would be devastated. The Moffatts is like her first love. She would have been totally brokenhearted.


The seats in the Coliseum quickly got occupied. Anticipation was high. People scream even though it was just the tech people who are the ones getting up on stage. We talked a little with our seatmates. My sister kept on commenting that it seemed like I was one of the youngest people who was there to watch. Most of the people in there, as we saw were the then 90’s teenagers and are now the titas-of-Manila. Not that it’s a bad thing anyway. Their love and support for The Moffatts is timeless.


At around 8:30 PM the people were nothing but eager to see The Moffatts. And when they finally graced the stage, the whole Coliseum went wild. It is a shame that Dave was not able to join Scott, Bob and Clint because it sure would have been so much more awesome had he been there.


After they sang a few songs of The Moffatts, Scott had his moment by singing a number of his original songs. After this Farewell Tour, Scott would continue being a solo artist. I’m not too worried about him because his songs are really good. I almost died when he sang ‘Love You More’. I took a video but when I watched it I could hear my annoyingly ugly voice in the background singing along. Shame! Scott’s voice though. Such talent he got.


These two have regular Facebook lives and they even did it during the concert. Such cuties.


Clint and Bob would also continue as a duo called ‘Endless Summer’ after the tour. They actually released an EP last year and their single ‘Amen for Women’ is a really cute song. I have followed them even when The Moffatts have disbanded. I continued to silently support them when they released ‘Love Isn’t’ under the name ‘Same Same’. I was so happy that they performed it during the concert because that song is one of my all-time favorite songs. I seriously squealed like a pig when I heard the intro. Lol!


I swear this girl looks a little like Solenn.


Bob and his shorts. So cute. So laidback.

Random fact which you probably don’t care about but I will share anyway: My sister is still obsessed with Bob. Like seriously obsessed! The girl seating on my left during the concert was a Bob fan too. I was sandwiched between two Bob fans. Haha. I swear I heard ‘I Love You Bob’ a thousand times that night.


As I have said before I was too young when they were at their prime so I couldn’t really care less about how they look. I just really, really love their music so I don’t have any favorite among the four of them. No bias. I love them all equally.


Seriously missing Dave here. It felt like the space between Scott and Bob was for him. Or maybe that’s just me?

It was crazy when they fake-ended the concert when they haven’t even sang ‘If Life is so Short’ and ‘Miss You Like Crazy’. Of course everyone knew it was a bluff but when they came back on the stage the crowd just got really wild. Even wilder than when they first came out that night. Others have started running to the front while others climbed up on their seats. And we may be included among them. What? Don’t judge. Being 4’11” was not an easy feat when everyone in front of you were so tall. It was chaos but it was a beautiful chaos.

I think my favorite part of the concert was when they made everyone sang along to ‘Girl of My Dreams’. Or maybe it was when they made every girls swoon when they performed ‘Love’. Or maybe it was when they made everyone scream their lungs out when they performed ‘Misery’. Or maybe it was when they almost made everyone cry when they sang ‘Miss You Like Crazy’. Or maybe I just love the concert overall.


After performing 24 songs the boys had to finally say goodbye. It was bittersweet knowing that this was their Farewell Tour but the thought that they are not really going to stop making music anytime soon makes it all okay. They should not stop. They are way too good with their craft to stop. Right?

Thank you The Moffatts. For a beautiful night of nostalgia and timeless music. Thank you so much. The Philippines will always love you guys. And that’s for sure.

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